In the beginning of life, the universe and well everything, there were two entities. One was known as the Gensho, the other, Lysis. The Gensho was said to be the embodiment of love and prosperity, while Lysis was said to be the very manifestation of evil and pestilence. The Gensho and Lysis have been locked in a constant battle since their very existence began. In order to fight off Lysis, the Gensho decided to multiply; it multiplied and multiplied, making more and more copies of itself, these copies became known as Guardians. The Guardians had less power than the Gensho did, but together they still fought to destroy Lysis, and together they stood a much greater chance.

Lysis however, was an extremely powerful entity, and these Guardians were easily slain by him. With every Guardian that Lysis killed, he grew stronger and stronger. Eventually he became so strong that the remaining Guardians, along with the Gensho, created a world known as Sabine in order to contain him. In this world they placed an island, and in the heart of this island is where they tried to imprison Lysis. But Lysis had grown too powerful for them to contain, so the guardians created these creatures, now known as Humans, to populate this island. The Guardians used these Humans as hosts in order to amplify their power, and in turn the Humans were granted with powers that were unimaginable. However, once a Guardian fused with a Human, the Guardian became mortal, they were forever bonded with that human, and if that human died, so did they. The Guardians made this sacrifice in hopes to destroy, or at least contain, Lysis. Together the Humans and the Guardians succeeded in locking Lysis away in the heart of the island.

With each passing generation however, the number of Guardians began to dwindle, and thus Lysis began to fight back, attempting to break out of his prison. In a last ditch effort, the Guardians created more worlds, billions of them and inhabited them with millions of Humans, in an attempt to flee. Only a few Guardians went to each world however. And unfortunately, in time, most of them died.

This went on until only two remained, the Gensho, who refused to take up a Human as host, and one that was named Karasu. Both of these Guardians resided in Sabine, using their power to keep Lysis locked away. However, with the Humans forced to migrate to the land west of the island, Lysis was slowly gaining back his power; his attack was inevitable. Karasu went and took himself upon a young boy named Corvus, together they grew to rule Sabine with an iron fist. With the help of a Ret named Septem, they began trying to prepare for the oncoming war, in the most bloody way possible. The Gensho did not approve of Karasu's reckless behavior, but he knew that if Lysis escaped his prison on the island every single world that the Guardians had created would perish.

The Gensho implanted the idea of a prophecy into the minds of the citizens of Sabine and then traveled to a world close by, a world known as Earth. There he found the most powerful Human for him to fuse with in order to stand the greatest chance at destroying Lysis once and for all, a fifteen year-old girl.

Together the Gensho and the girl, named Ariel, traveled to Sabine with the help of some rebels and stopped the rule of Corvus and Karasu to become the new Queen of Sabine. Unfortunately, the Guardians cannot communicate very well with the one they are inside of, so telling Ariel about Lysis is something the Gensho hopes will come naturally, because now, years after Ariel has taken up her mantle as Queen, the first shots have been fired. Lysis has begun sending over creatures to fight Sabine and the last remaining Guardian, the Gensho. The fate of every world in existence hangs in the balance. The War has begun.

1. Ariel

Ariel is a fifty year-old, redheaded, sarcastic, woman, who retains the exact same emotional maturity of her fifteen year-old self. Sure, in the thirty-five years of being the Queen of a nation she has grown up, but she made it a point to stay a fun-loving, happy person. No matter what may happen.

Ariel is the ruler of the world known as Sabine. When she was fifteen years old, however, she lived in Colorado, in the world known as Earth. She lived with her neglectful mother and her younger sister, whom she called Symbolic Name, (Symb for short) for safety purposes. Now she is the ruler of Sabine however. She has been ruling by herself for about fifteen years (the first twenty years she was learning how to rule from one of her guards, Pariah). Ariel became Queen by ending the reign of an evil tyrant named Corvus.

Corvus had trained Ariel, told her that she and him possessed these things called Guardians, hers being the Gensho, the original Guardian. She was first trained by Corvus to tap into her abilities. Since his defeat, she and her five guards, Darius, Gareth, Cai, Almaric, and of course, Pariah, have been living in the castle watching over the land. Keeping it safe.

At the beginning of her rule, she took weapons and combat training from her guards, while they taught their children. She was trained to use swords, bows, and arrows. Although these weapons were nothing compared to the power that she possessed, she still learned them, just to be well-versed in the many different forms of fighting.

Every single day, after combat training, Ariel goes down to the very basement of the castle, where Corvus had first taught her about her power, and trains. You see, the more she trains, the better her bond with the Gensho gets. And she was told by Corvus that when her and her Guardian become one, her mission will be revealed. She already knows that her mission has something to do with bringing about the defeat of Lysis. So she will train and train until her mission is revealed to her.

Her power has been proven time and time again, it has vastly improved since she has become ruler. Years ago, she single-handedly ended a drought by making it rain for days in every part of the land, simultaneously. The scope of her power is grand. However she could not be everywhere at once, she was powerful, but she was not a God.

She sat today, eating dinner with her new guard, made up of the three sons and two daughters of her previous guard. The egotistically named guard Pariah (named after his father) was informing Ariel of another attack that occurred at Krasta, the beach region, today. It was the third attack that week, the frequency of them was growing.

The attacks began around five months ago, and there were more and more with each passing week. It all started with a child; see, a child was walking the beaches of Krasta when he happened upon a giant, seemingly dormant, creature. Soon enough the news of the boy's discovery amassed a crowd of people. The giant thing was surrounded by guards and civilians alike. Then it opened its eyes and it attacked. It slaughtered the entire crowd of people and made its way to Lamani, killing another fifty or so civilians before it was finally brought down by thirty guards. That thing killed over seventy-five of Ariel's citizens. She was not pleased. Her five personal guards found it and killed it along with the twenty-five others, they all ended up being very badly wounded in the process.

A week later, the same thing happened, another of the same beasts washed up on shore, this time it was fully awake however. Ariel herself went to go deal with this thing. Seeing the monster that was plaguing her nation for the first time, she described it as 'a long legged crocodile, on crack'. She battled it valiantly and slayed it by calling upon the ocean to make a tidal wave to engulf it. She then froze the creature in a giant block of ice. To finish it off she did what she does best. She punched it, in the face, shattering the block of ice and killing the beast. The citizens cheered and sung her praises for defending them.

She played it off like it was nothing, but as soon as she got into her castle she collapsed. The beast took a lot of power for her to kill. She was immensely powerful but she had never had her power drained like that. It worried her. More so, when those beasts kept washing up. More and more, to point of now three of them have shown up in a week. She was getting exhausted fighting them and her guards couldn't keep this up. Their numbers were dwindling, they were losing five or more guards for each attack. At this rate they would all be dead and left defenseless in a year. And the attacks showed absolutely no signs of slowing down. Ariel was worried that this is what Corvus had warned her about, this was Lysis, he was making his return.