I was trying to sleep; my inner elf consciousness was keeping me awake in bed at this time of night. My hair was messier than usual. I was having that dream where I was a butterfly, free and liberated. I was alone and miserable. I was never truly happy until I met Skyler Grey, he was like the burning fire that didn't extinguish, he was in my mind, couldn't shake it grandmother was tell me that I was suffering from an infatuation, for a boy I knew that was bad for me. I could understand the whole 'written in the stars 'thing making sense. I searched the stars with my magic but his name was there. Skyler, the name of a dark warlock of the 1600. I could feel his presence as he was just next door.

In the morning I woke up feeling somewhat, chilled, the messiness of my hair didn't bother me.


I was standing at the window of my room. I know it is an invasion of Isabel's privacy. I couldn't help but look, she was so beautiful at her most imperfections. I was biting my lip, she was in the bathroom, I couldn't take the anticipation so I waited while I put a shirt on so she doesn't feel uncomfortable having a half-naked neighbour walking in disgrace. Isabel came out of the bathroom gracefully, she removed her shirt, it was a pervy thing to do bit I was only speculating, this could be considered stalking in the eyes of humans but I had grown fond of her. I wanted to see her. I had unsolved things to talk about with Isabel so I was getting dressed now to go shopping with my dad.


I was at Adele's house helping her mom Phillipa with the Halloween decorations around the house. I knew that Skyler was watching me as I did with him last night, fantasising about a boy next door was a thing I liked to do. Adele was decorating outside with her boyfriend Kevin Green, they looked so happy together that it hurt me inside. I looked on at them. I was in love with Skyler, the leader of their circle. I was threading the paper cut-out of a broomstick onto a string in the conservatory. The peace in the house was prominent since Adele's father died with Kevin's mother.

Adele came through the front door, she has been so lovely to me since I got here, she was my best friend now, and she hugged me as she felt sorry for me as I was the only single girl in their circle. She rested my head on her shoulder like a baby; she loved me like a sister. Adele's favourite band Leaves Eyes was playing in the stereo, she liked symphonic metal as it was a delight to hear. She let go of me.

"Want to come to the lake?" Adele said silently

"For what" I replied

"The Halloween party"

"I'll come"

"What are you dressing up as?"

"Jane Eyre"

"I'll be Athena"


"Sorry about what Jenny did"

"It's alright"

"She has to show more respect"

"It's OK, honestly"

"Don't be modest Isabel, please"


"Just don't hang with them"


"They are the icky side of the circle"

"What about Skyler?"

"He's OK when he is in a good mood"

I didn't know what Adele was thinking; sometimes I wanted to know more about their secretive leader as I needed know more information. I carried on sewing the little spider webs made of paper onto the string on the wall, loving the look of the house; it was the late afternoon of the day. I knew my grandmother got my costume for me yesterday afternoon. I wanted to be my book heroine Jane Eyre so I was just as innocent and plain. I was wearing a Halloween thermal sweater with brown pants and brown shoes; my hair was tied in a ponytail as it was quite long. I was clearing up all the paper scraps of the floor; Phillipa was an artist when it came to cutting out shapes. I put all the scarps in the recycling trash can as they were an environmentally friendly family. I went back into the living room to look for something to read for a while. Suddenly I see Kirsty Taylor and Darren Perry at the front porch of the house talking to Kevin so I walked out into the front porch to see them. They smiled at me as I bit my lip for a second them looked at Kevin, he was the perfect boyfriend for Adele, and he was peaceful and kind so I wished that Skyler was like that sometimes. I had to focus on Darren and Kirsty as they were insanely chatty about tonight's party.

"What are you going as?" Kirsty asked

"Jane Eyre" I replied

"I'm going as Joan Jett, Darren's the Joker and Kevin is Zeus"


"I finished" Kevin said as went inside Adele's house

"Love it Izzy" Darren joked

"Shut up"

"I love you Darren" Kirsty said as he kissed her boyfriend right in front of me


"Don't be jealous. I heard that Graham Mitchell likes you"

"Don't be silly, mer and witch relations are forbidden"

"He's so into you"

"His sister hates me"

"Gerti's a bitch so forget him"

"Human relations are forbidden too"

I'm thinking of joining the circle"

"Adele and Kevin will be stoked"

"I'd like to be in one"


I wanted to join the circle to be closer to Kirsty, Darren, Adele and Kevin as friends and Skyler more. I had to ignore the fact that Paul Snowdon, Jenny Blackwell, Tara Vincent and Jeff Vernon don't like me being in the circle but they need me to complete the ten. The smell of nature tickled my nose softly, touching the flowers in the front, to feel its power and energy. I wanted to be liked. When it doesn't happen then I have to deal with it. I felt its energy with white magic. I could feel a bond between myself and nature.

The other side of the circle

Jenny was pissed off, she watched Skyler, her handsome warlock kiss that ugly girl Isabel, and did he love her, no.

Jeff and Jenny were planning to do something dangerous at the lake party tonight. She wanted revenge on the humans that rejected her, she could have any boy she wanted but played with them like toys. Tara was staying out of it as the last accident ruined her relationship with her cousin. Tara was angry that Isabel has to come in between her and Skyler as they were family.

Paul was at home with his mom getting ready for Halloween, he was going as Captain America as it was his favourite superhero of all time, and he was to watch the trio that is Jeff, Tara and Jenny get up to no good again. Paul never told anyone that he found Jenny attractive, she was an angel with the devil's smile, and she was the ultimate bad girl so he had wondered when to make his move on her.