I was on the ground, waking up. The surge of power must have drained me out. I was awake to see Adele and Skyler leaning over me. I was OK. Skyler was walking away from me. I couldn't let him go, not like this. I ran after him.

"Wait, I want to talk to you" I said kindly

"I'm sorry Isabel" Skyler replied

"To stay away"

"What have I done?"

"You invaded my mind, seen my darkest and happiest memories"

"I couldn't help it"

"Self-control Isabel, learn it"

"Don't be hostile"

"I only do because I care"

"You're acting like a freak"

"This is the real me, the prince of eternal darkness so get used to it"

"I don't like it"


"You're OK" Darren yelled as he was with the others, running back to us

"I still need the herbs"


"To bind the circle"

"No" Jenny and Jeff screamed

"It's the only way"
"For what"

"Accidents and stunts like this to stop"

"Good" Kirsty agreed

"You actually agree with me, what changed" Adele asked

"I don't want to see our secret get exposed because of these fools" Skyler said as he pointed at Jenny and Jeff

"What, us"

"I just want us to be together like a family"

"We will do it, now stand in a circle"

I stood next to funny boy Darren and vengeful Tara. Skyler had a note in his hand as he was in between Jenny and Paul, after; it was Kevin, Jeff, Kirsty, Adele as she was next to Darren.

Fire, earth, water, air

By these four elements we bind the circle

And follow in the footsteps of our parents,

Grandparents and further generations to

Our ancestors, who pledged themselves to fight

Against darkness

When evil threatens us, fear thwarts us or tries to tear us apart

In the circle we find our inner strength, powers and courage

We come alone and leave as one

With this oath as our journey starts

First of all, do you, accept the circle

Kevin Leon Green

Tara Vivienne Vincent

Paul Alexander Snowdon

Adele Belinda Wilson

Kirsty Veronica Taylor

Darren Steven Perry

Isabella Ruth Cortez

Jennifer Sylvia Blackwell

Jeffery Matthew Vernon

And I Skyler Mordred Grey; join the circle in unity

A bright fire rose. I felt different; more collected, belonged and was a part of the circle. I was shivering while Jenny and Jeff were angry at themselves and at me; both of them were comforting each other of the sad reality of having to be bound with the others. I was standing on the field alone, Adele had her arm around me, and Kevin was right behind her. I was walking with them to Kevin's car. I was in the backseat in the arms of Kirsty and Darren. I was comfortable with this side of the circle as the others were icky. I was falling asleep; the yellow moonlight was shining on my face as Kevin was driving.

When Kevin stopped at my house; Adele, Kirsty and Darren went to their own homes in the neighbourhood of Venjama Lane. I was alone with Kevin as we were at the doorstep of my house. I see a marking on his neck, it was quite pinkish, cannot be seen in the dark so I ignored it.

"Thanks for dropping me off" I said nicely

"It's alright, for Adele's new best friend" Kevin replied

"I gotta go now"

"Wait, he said as pulled my hand


"I have always embraced the idea of you in the circle"

"Really, I thought…"

"Jenny and Jeff should be grateful"

"They hate me"

"Both of them are mad at Sky"

"Take it out on me"

"Not without us on your side"

"Why does Tara hate me with such venom?"

"Protecting her cousin"
"Is it Sonya?"


"What was he like before her?"

"We used to be pals"

"He liked being with us"

"So why like me, Kev"

"You have spark Isabel"

"What do you mean?"

"What you did for Skyler was good?"

"I had to"

"You love him, don't you?"


"Good cuz I love you"

"No, you love Adele"

"You are better than her" he said as he pulled me to kiss his mouth, it was nothing like Noah, it was meaningless. I whispered in his ear then he pushed me away

"Are you OK?"

"Yeah, what happened to me?"

"You were enchanted"

"Jeff, I'm gonna get him"

Kevin was running home. I was standing on the sidewalk near my house. I thought about the events that happened to me today, first real teenage party with friends. I felt like I belonged in the circle since I first met all the members. I could hear a car pulling up from behind me. I turned around to see Skyler's car. Jenny, Jeff, Tara and Paul got out together, going home. I had a guilty feeling in my soul so I ignored it. I kind of ruined their chances of individual power but I had to not dwell on it so much. Skyler stood behind me; he was healing finely even though he was a bit bruised but still beautiful. His scent was mouth-watering through the iron blood smell. I turned around to see him; he was vulnerable under the darkness.

"Hey, how are the wounds" I asked

"Healing nicely" Skyler replied as he removed my bonnet from my head

"I thought you wanted to let me go"

"Only to close my heart, not a friendship"

"I'll accept it"

"You look great"

"Like the original plain Jane"

"Just like her but with more strength and courage"

"I'm sorry about before"

"I needed to share the darkest stuff with someone"

"Glad, I can be that person"
"Goodnight, Isabel" he said as he pulled me to hug him. I couldn't resist the smell of lavender with wisps of strawberry in his hair. Then he kissed my cheek gently

"You too, Grey"

I felt almost better about the rejection. He didn't mind sharing his secrets with me. I could feel that he trusted me so dearly by his gestures, he was like Jekyll and Hyde, one time he can be caring and kind then next he can be the prince of darkness, who was cold-hearted and bitter. I didn't like his dark side. I wondered inside my heart, the gleam on my face appeared as if I was love-struck. I was touched unlike no other, my heart, beating irregularly. My face flushed strawberry red. I was shy, shy because of the kiss. I was getting inside my house. The place was empty, my grandparents and Wanda were out to a Halloween party only for adults so I was home alone. I went upstairs to get into my room. I closed the door behind me to turn on the bedside lamp of the room. I removed my Jane Eyre costume to get into my silk deep pink pyjamas. As I was buttoning the shirt. I see Skyler undressing out of the window. I had started to see the benefits of my own exhibition of a manly seventeen year old witch. He was gorgeous from afar but I turned around. I wanted to spend the day with Adele, Kevin, Darren and Kirsty tomorrow as they were my friends now.