The ally was dark, the purple rain, so common on Janus, coming down in torrents. What he was doing here, he still wondered. Why couldn't his client, whomever the anonymous man was, simply have met him in the daylight in his warm, dry office building?

He was thrown out of his wondering thoughts as he heard sloshing footsteps as what may have been his client advanced toward him. He was on his guard, though. Who knew what kind of freak could be lurking out here, ready to mug the man in the well-tailored, obviously expensive, quickly ruining suit.

He listened intently, as he could not see much farther than a few feet in front of his face. Even hearing proved difficult, though. The rain was pounding much harder now on the roof of the night club to his left. The music coming out of the high-class club, The Amethyst if he remembered correctly, was loud enough to vibrate the concrete below his feet.

Still, he could make out the sloshing footsteps. The cadence of them wasn't what he expected. Not the even left, right, left, right of a single man. No, the steps were made with different amounts of weight and force and in an irregular pattern, as if it were six men, instead of one.

The steps were getting closer and closer. He looked around, squinting through the rain, searching for possible escape routes should this meeting prove to go downhill. Nothing. Behind him was a solid wall that was too tall for him to climb. The wall of The Amethyst was gray and foreboding with no windows and no doors. The building to the right, its name unknown to him in his growing panic, was also of no use. The closest thing was a fire escape, but it was too high for him to climb to.

During his search the footsteps had closed in on him. From what he could see, there were four men, all in their late twenties and early thirties and were tall and exuded an obvious strength. He stuck his chin up and feigned confidence.

"A-are," his voice failed him and he cleared his throat to begin again. "Are you my client? I was only aware that there was one of you. How can I be-"

Through the pounding rain and thrumming club music, none could hear the tranquilizer gun or his scream as everything went back.