The cops came to hospital to talk to Lucy, but before, they wanted to talk to me and Madison. They asked us the most important question which I had totally forgotten: "Do you know who might have done this?" We told them we had no idea.

I was definitely curious. Lucy was the only key to that answer.

When we were finally allowed to see Lucy, we asked her who did this to her.

"Felix," she replied.

My heart stopped for a minute. We trusted him and he betrayed us. He knew everything because we told him and he had all out mobile numbers. He walked among us and we didn't realize it was him. How could we be so foolish? I asked myself.

"He played us all," said Madison.

She must have been thinking the same thing I was thinking.

"Where can we find this Felix?" one of the two cops asked.

"At the university," Madison replied. "I can take you to him. I know where his room is."

"Good," the second cop said. "We better get going then."

The two cops left with Madison and I stayed with Lucy while my father talked to the doctor. I had no interest in being involved in a medical conversation. I'd probably understand nothing. My father will explain everything to me later, I told myself.

When we arrived back home, my father explained to me and my mother that Lucy lost some weight – which was evident – and she had little oxygen – she was lucky enough to survived in that condition.

"Why did he abduct you?" I asked Lucy as she was lying on the hospital bed.

"He said he wanted to get rid of Jason so he can go out with me. That is why he tried to get Madison to kill Jason. He didn't want to get his hands dirty."

"He's mental."

"I know. I have never seen him like this before. It's like he's a totally different person. I don't understand."

"The cops are after him. They'll catch his and he won't bother us anymore," I assured her.

"I hope so. Can you pass me that glass of water please? My throat is dry."

"Here you go." I handed her the glass of water. "Can you promise me something?" I asked her.

She took a sip and asked "What is it?"

"Promise me you'll be careful at any club or wherever you go at night."

"I'll make sure no one is following me next time." She said it in a sarcastic way.

"I'm serious."

"Of course. Besides it's not every day you meet mental people, right?"

"Yeah, I guess."

The hospital kept Lucy overnight for observation. Felix was caught leaving the hall and he was sent to prison for 10 years. He also needed special treatment for his mental obsession to have Lucy. My mother got over what my father did for me without consulting her. On Saturday morning Lucy, Madison, Jason and Noah came to our house and we all went out together along with Liam, Emily, Dana and my parents. We went to the mall for some shopping and afterwards we had lunch together.