Weapon Of Choice

They seem to queue for miles
And miles…
And they pour out their secrets to me.
It's like they're handing over the only copy
Of the Lives-They Lead's master key.
And once it's in my hands, it seems,
They have no fear of treachery.
Because, after all, what am I to them?
I am the girl who sits in silence.
What fear do they need have of me?
What harm could I inflict upon them?

Alas, they are ignorant and blind.
They've no idea who I really am,
And what I see.
They know neither what I've heard,
Nor who I've heard it from.
Let me take a look, let me see…
No... Not yet. Not now. That is too cruel
(maybe it is, then again, perhaps not...)
And I won't stoop to cruelty.

But remember, I could.
If I wanted to.
Don't forget that I could.
If I wanted to.
Don't forget what secrets
And admissions of lies
That you've carelessly
Gifted to me.