"Maybe it wasn't me. Maybe it was you," I say and slowly, I glance over to look at him. My chocolate-brown eyes wanting a reaction from him. From watching you, you're staring at the grass, the look on your face calm and understanding. You don't have to look at me to know that you're listening, and I know you know that I'm watching your every move. I look away from you and I feel this is a strain on both you and me. I can feel the sudden sensation of sadness overwhelm me and somehow, I can feel tears whelming within my eyes waiting to run down my cheeks. I want to cry but that little warrior takes over and the tears come to join and burn my eyes behind their mist. This is good-bye then to you...to me. To the broken promises to the life we thought we would've had, but not since I heard you say you didn't need me from the start. You were my first love but to you I wasn't. So I'm telling you to just not come back. Just don't come back at all.