Has it ever occurred where you just felt like your heart split into two roads? Where one side told you to hold on and don't let go while the other ate you to continue your life as casually as possible... this is where I stand. In my choice of two roads.

My first road;; You have been with me from the start and I have continuously chased down this path because I've wanted too. The thought of straying away from it and losing myself in it was never scary in this direction because I knew that in someway or form I would find myself all over again. This feeling of guidance and need of being taken care of , that's what you give me. You may not recognize it my dear road, but you've given me everything, even for the things that I have never asked for. I thank you. For this reason, my feelings have yet to change, and every time I think of you, you are the first sight to make me happy.

My second road;; This time I can honestly say that I know how you feel. I know what it's like to feel rejected and neglected. I've been there before time and time again but each time, I got enough courage to bounce back up from my aches and fight back harder than ever and cleanse myself from dirt and dust. I don't want you to depend of me or of my triggered emotions. I don't want you to think that I need you because in reality, I don't. You do, however, hold my same qualities and patience. For that I thank you but I am confessing to not want to be your hope for the future. You're my second road.

This second road I must leave and not choose, yet in a way you're still mine as my first road.

This manifestation of my two roads, they are in aches now and the most that I've realized is that you've both just seem abandoned now. No one to walk on you, to leave a trail behind and to live memories with you. You're yet to be forgotten by me even so and to those roads, you still help me dwell with what will become of me and still make me think of who I will be in my possible future. You have both showed me my options in life. Thank you both, my dear two roads - for you've both changed me for the better.