Happy holidays 3




Twirling around is the winter snow
Nature is putting on a beautiful show
All around peace emits
No more children throwing fits
Blissful silence falls around
No noises left to be found
Its a magical sight
One in which gives my heart flight
I spin around
Unsettling the snow on the ground
Looking about
I cannot imagine being without
These cold days

I feel myself falling
I hear my mother calling
She wants me to stay warm
Soon arriving is a snow storm
I wave it off
Starting to cough
She makes me come inside
And I, of course, abide
Staring out the glass
I wait for the storm to pass
Watching the snow
Make the world glow
My mom brings me soup
I see her face droop
I ask what is wrong
and she says a sad song
I wonder what she means
As I wipe my cold hands on my jeans
I am falling you see
But I won't be
Hurt since its in love
With the snow that is falling from above.