The Coasts of Cardiff

There once were five fine men,

Having set sail upon the blustery sea.

Even though they were young, they were stronghearted.

You may not know, but these were the perfect seamen.

When they set sail upon the windy sea Thursday morn,

Early birds flocked by their ship.

Ronnie, Tom, and Brian were crew,

Evan was captain, Colin was chef.

Kids said their goodbyes to their fathers as the ship left the dock

In the British coast of Cardiff near the Irish sea.

Death was sensed by the crew's kitten, Natalie.

Natalie wouldn't leave the Captain's Quarters, but none but Evan knew.

And when the ship finally set sail, the captain was giddy.

Potatoes for dinner, prepared by Captain and Chef.

Pears for desert, and the men felt sleepy.

Evan was pleased, as they slept in their chairs, four of the five fine men.

Days passed, and there was a disturbance in the water.

Brian went missing the twelfth day at sea,

You may or may not know where he went.

Then, there were four fine men.

Here on there fine ship, four fine men did their jobs, three not noticing the disappearance.

Evan and the others worked,

Captain and crew on a fine voyage.

And when the captain told the crew he would make dinner,

Pleased with their work, and said,

They needed a break, and his dinner plans were perfect.

And the crew agreed, and slept with their bellies pleasantly full that night.

In the dead of night, a shadow crept along the hall, to the crew's quarters,

Never making a sound.

And in the morn, three troubled men remained, Colin gone missing.

Next night, Captain Evan made dinner again, and, terrified, the men sat to eat.

Death tolled on the horizon, and only two remained.

Muddy and wet, Evan, the Captain, and Ronnie, the crew member,

Under the golden sun the two men sat,

Ronnie started to wonder and worry.

Did the men ever actually leave? Or did something else happen?

Evan dismissed this when Ronnie asked, and said he'd make dinner.

Ronnie said that was fine, and that was that.

Evan prepared potatoes au gratin and cabbage-fish stew.

Death visited, and one triumphant man survived, turning his ship back to the Coast of Cardiff for the last time