Jennifer Locke has been moving around a lot lately, being in between jobs and apartments seemed to be her thing. She never stayed in the same place for too long, she always liked a change of scenery every year or so. She was about to turn thirty and she had already lived in six states and ten different houses.

This year she moved to a small town outside of Denver. Coming from Florida this was a big change in climate for her. One that she wanted. The hot days were getting too sticky and she wanted some snow. The town was named Banal. It was a queer little name but the people seemed extremely friendly and she had rented the house from the landlord of the community for a steal. She never accumulated many things, since she was on the move she never could really amass too much stuff. She only had two boxes, one was filled with a small number of clothes, toiletries, basic things to live off of (namely ramen), and other knick knacks and the other was filled with her only real prized possession. Her snow globe collection.

Her parents had recently died, it was sweet though, they died together. Not in a horrific way like a car crash or anything, they both died within a month of each other. Jennifer liked to view it as they loved each other so much they couldn't bare to be apart for that long. So they continue to be together in heaven.

After their deaths is when she got her money. She didn't like trading her parents lives for her inheritance, but she did appreciate the new found freedom she had to live where ever she pleased. With the money her parents left her she was able to afford this life style of moving around. She liked to see the world. Everything, not just the wonders, she liked visiting new people, seeing the little things. So she tried to see as much as she could.

She was an only child, which is why she got so much in her inheritance. Her parents also left her their house, she kept that in case she would ever need to fall back on something. She lived a very simple life so money wasn't much of an issue. She liked having jobs however so she would work cash registers and other part-time jobs just to keep her money hanging around.

She pulled up to the drive way of her new house. It was nothing special, it was rather old though. The realtor had said it, like most of the houses in the neighborhood, was built in the late 1800's. She had already met some of her neighbors, there were only eleven other houses on the block. They were all inhabited by families, and almost every one had kids. Jen was the only resident without a husband or a child. She opened the trunk of her '95 LeSabre and grabbed the first box full of clothes and walked it to the front door. She put it on the ground and christened her new key, opening the door for the first time. She grabbed the box and made her way into the house. It was dark, the electricity was old. She saw a group of small spiders scurry across the floor when she flicked on the light.

"Ew." she said. She didn't mind bugs too much, but she thought that would be the appropriate response after learning she'd be living with them. "Guess this house is older than I thought." She remarked to herself, as she noticed some strands of cobwebs decorating the fire place. It obviously hadn't been used in decades. She would have to change that.

She walked with the box in hand to her bedroom to put her clothes in the dresser. Only a few t-shirts and a couple pairs of jeans and one set of pajamas. She wasn't trying to impress anybody. If she needed more clothes she could just as easily buy them, she did have money after all.

While she was putting the clothes in their new home, she heard a loud knock on the front door. She put the last shirt in the drawer, shut it, and went to answer her the door.

She opened the door to find a couple, a woman in her early forties and a man the same age. The woman was holding out a plate of cookies with plastic wrap covering them. And the man, who she assumed was her husband was carrying the box of snow globes she had left in the car. She peered over to see her trunk had been shut.

"Welcome to the neighborhood, sweetie." Said the lady holding out the cookies to Jen.

"Thank you," she said, putting her hand on the back of her head and grabbing the plate.

"Those are chocolate chip, I made them with an old family recipe, the neighborhood kids can't get enough of 'em." The lady said. "My name is Judy and this is Jack." She said pointing to the man holding her box of snow globes.

"Do you mind if we come in so I can set this down?" Jack said from behind Judy.

"Of course please, thank you so much, you didn't have to-" Jennifer replied.

"Oh nonsense, I think you'll find that we take care of our own here in Banal." Jack replied. "Is this really 'fragile' or is it an old box?" he asked.

"Yes it's fragile, it's holding snow globes."

"Snow globes?" questioned Judy, "That's a very peculiar thing to collect."

"Yeah," Jen replied. "I've been doing it since I was a kid, unfortunately, a lot of them got smashed, I'm down to about fifteen."

"Well then, I'll be extra careful putting it down," Jack responded. "Where do you want it?"

"Oh on the coffee table is fine, I think I'm going to put them up on the mantle above the fire place."

Jack slowly set the big box down on the table.

"Thanks again," Jen said.

"Oh it was no trouble." Replied Jack.

"And thank you for the cookies."

"No problem deary, if you need anything else we are at 104, just come right on by and give us a knock."

"Will do, thank you so much." Jen replied, shutting the door behind them. She let her body slide down the wall until she was seated on the floor. She liked company, but she was exhausted from the drive. Luckily she never had much unpacking to do.

She needed a shower. She went to the main hallway. She liked living in a ranch house. Everything was on one floor; she didn't have to constantly be making trips up and down flights of stairs. She went to the bathroom to find some towels already on a rack waiting for her. She stripped and jumped into the shower. For an old house it was a pretty nice bathroom. It had a separate shower and a tub, in case she really needed to relax.

She washed herself, but for the most part she just stood under the water, letting its heat warm her up. She stayed in until the water began taking a turn for the cold and then she shut off the knob and grabbed for a towel. She wrapped it around her torso and another around her head and went to lay down on. She reached in the box and pulled out a book she had purchased at a gas station on the way here. It caught her eye, and she knew that it would be a while before she got the cable hooked up. She began reading.

She read for about an hour until her stomach began acting up. She reached in the box and pulled out a container of ramen and went to heat it up on the stove. She was so glad that everything was included in this house, she didn't need pots, pans, dishes or appliances; she didn't need anything but clothes and food really. She poured the noodles in a pot and filled it with tap water. She turned the knob on the stove to get the burner to light. It did not. She messed with it, turning it back and forth. Nothing happened. She decided to try another one. She turned the knob next to it and the burner that previously would not start, started. A huge flame sprung forth from the small burner. She jumped backwards, dropping the pan of ramen and water all over the floor.

"Great. Thanks a lot, stove."

She went to get a mop from the closet and clean up the mess. After she did she ran back to her room to get another pack of ramen. She had packed a good twelve boxes just in case. She was used to eating ramen, she's been doing it practically every day since college. It's easily the most perfect meal. She used the fire that started and cooked it up.

She went back to her room with her meal and sat down on her bed and continued to read while she ate, until it got dark and she decided to go to sleep. She had a lot of stuff to do tomorrow, new people to meet, neighbor's homes to visit. Things to forget.