It's Almost Done

She is blindfolded. She can't see me. She can't see anything. Her screams are muffled by the fabric that covers her mouth and tears against her skin as it is tightly tied around her head. Her copper brown hair is a mess, sticking out in all directions, and her face is marred with dirt and sweat. Her wrists are swollen and so are her ankles. Struggling is useless yet she can't even seem to realize that. I smirk. She is helpless. There is nothing she can do. No one can hear her. Her phone is somewhere in the depths of the lake. There is no tracking her down. No one knows where she is. She's trapped and it's all her fault to begin with. Yes, it's her fault.

I run my fingers along the smooth surface of the blade as it glints with promise, danger wrapping around it like vice. Cold sweat trickles down my forehead as I seethe with anger from within. The chilly night and the biting wind do nothing to appease the fury that burns within my soul.

"Not so pretty now, are you?" I sneer, walking towards her and letting the edge of the blade glide softly on her cheek. She whimpers, her breathing ragged. She knows who I am now. She heard my voice. Good. My voice must be the last she hears.

"Is he gonna come save you?" I scoff, retrieving the knife. She writhes even more. Oh, so she does know. I laugh bitterly. "Save it, bitch. He's mine." She cringes, bringing an acid smile to my lips. "Y'know, he has always been mine." I pull a chair next to her, sitting back as if I were hanging out with a good friend of mine. "He gave me a rose on Valentine's Day two years ago and asked me to be his girlfriend. I'll never forget that day. After that, he took me to the theme park and held my hand. He told me that he loved me, that he'll never leave me. He showed me how much he cares and he treated me like I was the most special person in the world. I felt like the luckiest girl alive." I sigh and smile at the memories. Her breathing quickens and I look at her with distaste. "You should've never come to the picture. It was all so… perfect…" I glare at her, tightening my grip on the knife. "And it's time to finally return things back to the way they were." I feel the rage consume me as I slash her throat, blood quickly gushing down in a steady stream and pooling on the plastic below. I continue to glare at her, my chest rising and falling heavily. I throw the knife on a nearby bin and drag her corpse out of the chair, laying it on the plastic. The chair is smeared with blood and I have no choice but to toss it onto the bin as well. I wrap the plastic around her, letting her own clothes absorb the blood so it doesn't leak. I then proceed to take another plastic bag and insert the first one in. I tie the bag with a rope criss-crossing it around, securing the carcass in place. My eyes automatically scan the warehouse. No one is here – no one else. It's only me and this corpse. I drag the heavy bag to my car, all the while looking around and checking to see if anyone is there. Sweat continues to trickle down my forehead. I am nervous, frightened. I have committed a crime. My hands go pale and I feel the cold seep through me, chilling me to the very core.

At last, I reach the car after what seemed like an eternity. I open the trunk and, with slight difficulty, manage to heave the bag into it. I closed the trunk, my eyes glinting with victory. It's almost done – I just have to burn the evidences. Smiling, I make my way back to the warehouse where the bin is. I light several matches and toss them into the bin, setting the evidences on fire. No one will know. I am safe. I did not commit a crime. I slide the gloves out of my hands and throw them into the flames. I turn around and leave, letting the flames flicker in the dim warehouse. As I near my car, I feel myself relaxing. I am relieved. It's over. He's mine. All mine now.

I get into the driver's seat and turn the ignition on. It was a cold, quiet night. The warehouse is secluded from the rest of the city. It stands all alone in a clearing in the woods. The road is not even on the map. It isn't covered with asphalt. There are no street lights. I switch the headlights from dim to bright as I strain to see against the nothingness in front of me. I glance at the rear view mirror. There is nothing. It's strange. It's dark and blank. Yes, it's night time but I am expecting at least a dim outline of where I've been. I stop briefly to fix it, adjusting it so I can see. My breath leaves me...

I can't turn around. Not even when what I see is completely impossible. I exhale ever so slowly and close my eyes. Opening them once again, I see the image, vivid and real. It is her. Her lips are bright ruby and tinted with blood, scars from the fabric that once covered her mouth were visible on her cheeks. Her neck is lined with a deep gash that revealed her rotting flesh. She is pale and her eyes are hollow, staring into me. I can't tear my gaze away as chills run down my spine. I can't speak. I can't make a sound. My voice has left me. I sit still, stunned. I can't move. I can't break free. It's like I'm chained to my seat. I gape in horror as she twists a strand of my hair in her bony finger. Her voice rings loud in my ear, raspy and bloodcurdling...

"Is he gonna come save you?"