"Jeremy! Do you have the conditioner? It's not in my bag!" Lisa yelled from her room.

" It should be there! Did you look in the side pocket?" He replied, obviously annoyed.

" What side pocket?"

He stuck his head out the bathroom door. "Really? Is right there!"


"On the side!" He replied. He dropped the towels on the tiled floor and came I got he room, grabbing the bag from her hands and hastily unzipping the opening to the pocket.

"Oh." She said.

"Oh is right." He replied, returning to the bathroom to complete his task of unpacking. He picked up the towels and re-folded them, placing them on the shelf. He arranged the bottles in the medicine cabinet by category and straightened the labels. He was closing the door to the cabinet when he heard a loud boom. He looked up and around as if he could magically pinpoint the sound.

" You okay honey?"

"What was that?"

The door to the room opened as Randy came in. "You hear that?" He asked. A deafening creaking noise was heard and the ship lurched forward, causing the three to sprawl across the room. Lisa frantically made her way to the bathroom to get medications and threw them into a bag with a small first aid kit. She was turning to leave as water burst into the room, making everything black.

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