Hi. This is a story about my family. You better be nice to me on this one, my dad and I have repeatedly said that my siblings and I are siblings in all but blood. Listen to what people say to you, alright haters? Lol.

Firstborn was Krystal. She turned 17 on December 15. Krystal is awesome. She is sweet, caring, and short-tempered. Lol. She gets angry at a lot of things, but she is a sweet sister.

Then there is Danny. He is a aggressive 15 year old boy who loves to wrestle, fight, and graffiti on his wall in his room. He is the best brother ever. We play slave and he ties me up and pretends I'm his slave.

Now, there's Debbie. She's 12. Debbie is an outgoing, adventurous girl. We do EVERYTHING together. We sneak out on our own, beat each other up, and hang from high distances just waiting to fall and hurt ourselves somewhere lol

Abby! She is the best little sister ever! She turned 6 on November 17. We play a lot! We don't see each other a lot though, and that's sad.

Then there is my son Levi. I gave birth to him when I was 8. You already know a lot about him...lol One thing you didn't know is that he's a crybaby! Lol

Then there is Johanna. She is Krystal's daughter. She is so cute! You should see her cry, she cries so cute! She is 6 months old.

Then there is Alia. She is my 12 year old sister Debbie's sister. She is so cute, I love her so much, just like Johanna, I love them so much and they are both 6 months old.

Then the final one. Drumroll please...my dad! The best dad in the world! I love him so much! He's the best! He's a wonderful granddad to Levi :)

Apologize if you have hated on me. My siblings and I consider each other siblings. We are siblings in all but blood. My dad and I have repeatedly said that. Learn to listen. Our children are related to us. My siblings and I are not. Levi is my blood son. My siblings and I consider each other siblings. Listen to my dad.