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I can't believe my uncle is making me move. I have a life here in Colorado. I have friends here. I just can't get up and leave them. I'm going to miss them so much. Ugh, just because my parents passed away doesn't mean we have to move away. For all what happen we're moving to Minnesota. Really? Minnesota? Why is this happening to me?

"Hey, Tazzy!" says my uncle as he knocks and the door and walks in. "I know you aren't so thrilled that we're moving, but it's for the best. It's to keep you safe. "Says my uncle as he walks towards my bed."Your parents left me to take care of you. So, this means we need to move." says Uncle Joey as he looks at me waiting for a response.

I just roll my eyes at him. Letting him know I was still upset. "Well, hopefully one day you'll understand why we're moving and why I have to keep you safe." says Uncle Joey as he gets up from my bed and starts to walk out of my room.

"Uncle, wait."I say to him as he stops right at my door. "But why is this all happening so fast? Why can't I finish school off here? We only got like six months left of school." I ask my uncle Joey.

Uncle Joey has a worried look on his face."Because it's too late. We can't change what is happening to us. I can't change what's going to be happening next. That's why I need to get you out of here. Tazzy If I could I'd tell you everything that I know, but my bother made me promise never to tell you till you were ready." says Uncle Joey as he looks into my eyes to see my expression.

I look at uncle Joey all confused."I'm ready; you can tell me Uncle Joey." I say to him only hoping he would just tell me what was all happening to me, but I knew he wasn't going to tell me. He has that look on his face.

"Sorry Tazzy, I can't tell you because I know you aren't really ready. I know you just said that so you can know why we are moving, but I just can't tell you. "Says Uncle Joey as he looks at me with those sad eyes."Your safety is what important right now. Is" is all Uncle Joey said before he walked back down stairs.

I just sat in my room confused about everything. I just wish my parent weren't in that stupid accident. If they were still alive then I wouldn't have to be moving right now. Ugh, I hate my life right now. I don't want to live. I grew up in this house. In this town. But I guess it is what it is?

Damn and I still have allotted more stuff to pack. But luckily I have two more days to pack and then we're gone. It's going to be a sad, sad day. While it's going to be a long night. Damn, never knew I had so much stuff. While, better get to it then. Because I have no clue if I'll be done by the next two days.

The Next Day

*Knock Knock*

"Hey Tazzy, you up" Says Uncle Joey as he knocks again."One of your friends is here to see you." says Uncle Joey as he yells through the door. I slowly open my eyes."Hey Tazzy, did you hear me?" asked Uncle Joey again.

I finally get up."Yes I hear you uncle. I'll be down in a little bit." I yell back to him. Ugh, I wonder who it can be. I slap on my hello kitty slippers and brush my hair back. Well, all I need to do is look decent. I just woke up so what do they expect. I open my door and make my way down the stairs. To my surprise it was Tabby.

"Hey Tabby!"I say to her I reach the front door. I kind of don't know why she is here. I never really got along with her. Last year she thought I was after her boyfriend. Which by the way wasn't true at all? I wouldn't set myself that low to be with someone younger than me. And plus he was a total douche bag. I never thought Tabby would think that of me till that day. I haven't really talked to her since then. Now she's here at my house. A day before I'm supposed to be moving."What are you doing here?" ask her as we stood there in silence.

Tabby looks to the ground."Um, well. "Says Tabby as she starts moving her feet around."I wanted to say I'm sorry about what happened to your parents. And I'm also sorry for being such a dick to you last year. I had no right to blame you for something like that." says Tabby as she looks up at me waiting for my response.

"Well, Tabby. I have nothing to say to you but Thank you." I say to her with sorrow on my face."Plus, why would you come to my house a day before I move to say you're sorry. You had like two weeks to apologize to me before I have to move." I say to Tabby as I cross my arms."Plus, having the nerve to bring my parents up. You have no right Tabby."I say to her a bit mad."Why are you here Tabby?"

Tabby looks at me all sad."I came here to tell you I'm sorry for everything. I'm sorry Tazzy. Okay I'm sorry. "Says Tabby as she starts to cry."You have no clue how many times I've wanted to talk to you." says Tabby as she looks at me with sadness.

As I look at her I kind of pity her right now, but I don't think I'll ever be her friend again."I'm sorry Tabby, but I can't be your friend again. It won't be the same like it use to be. You lost my trust that day you blamed me for that scum bag." say to Tabby as I try to hold back my tears.

Tabby starts to cry now."Yeah, I know. That's why I came today to say Goodbye. I knew you wouldn't forgive me. "Says Tabby as she opens the front door."Just know that I felt guilty that day for hurting you. I knew you wouldn't have done that, but he had me believe you were trying. But it doesn't matter anymore. It's done and over with." Says Tabby as she starts walking out the front door."Bye Tazzy!" says Tabby as she shuts the door behind her. I can still hear her crying as she walks off the porch and on the side walk.

I start to cry and sit on the stairs. I can't believe she came here. She apologized but I just couldn't let her back in. I couldn't stand the thought of leaving another friend behind.

Uncle Joey comes walking from the kitchen."What's wrong Tazzy?"Asked Uncle Joey as he sees me crying. I just sit there and cry even more."Tazzy are you okay? What happened?" asked uncle Joey as he sits right beside me and puts his hand on my back.

"I can't just up and leave my friends like this. Tabby wanted to be my friend again, but I had to tell her we couldn't. I didn't really tell her why, but I hurt her. She left here crying. I can't lose any more friends than what I'm going to lose uncle. I don't think I can do this." I told my uncle Joey still crying.

Uncle Joey keeps rubbing my back."I'm sorry Tazzy, but we have no chose but to leave now. The house has been sold, and I have to protect you."Uncle Joey said to me as he tries to comfort me.

"No I don't get any of this. Why in the hell does this shit have to happen to me? What I can't stay here and be with my friends and be happy here." I yell at Uncle Joey."What makes you think I'll be happy in Minnesota?

Uncle Joey looks at it surprised that I yelled at him."I' sorry Tazzy, but it is what it is. I'm not going to tell you again. I'm done talking about this now. Go to your room and get some rest. We have a long night ahead of us. "Says Uncle Joey to me."Oh, Tazzy! I have a meeting with someone here in an about a half hour in town. So I'll be back very soon. "Says Uncle Joey as he grabs the car keys and walks out the front door.

I make my way back up top my almost empty room now. Maybe uncle is right? It is what it is. I should accept that now. But I can't. The thought of me leaving my friends behind is so painful. Maybe I should get some rest. I open my door and walk in my room. I shut the door behind me and shut the lights off. My eye's hurt so much. I flop down on my bed and close my eyes. I just hope I can handle this all. And I fall asleep.

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