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Sam loved his hot dog stand.

Sure, it wasn't exactly brand new; the cooker had the occasional hissy-fit and there were plenty of grease stains around.

It wasn't in the prettiest location either, surrounded by towering office buildings and bland, grey concrete sidewalks, and the only nature around were the rubbish-eating pigeons.

But over the years it had become like his second home, it was only a five minute walk from Max's work, he earned enough from it to get by and it kept him warm on cold winter days.

He loving rubbed his hands over the cold grill before flicking the switch and turning it on. He busied himself with setting up for the day, estimating how many hot dogs he would need defrosted for the first hour or two.

He'd looked up what movies were going to be on later but found himself at a complete loss when he'd realised he had no idea what kind of movies Calantini even liked, and he didn't want to automatically assume he'd go for the most bloody and violent one.

He'd decided on one eventually though, and he just knew Deangelo would appreciate it.

Time passed quickly and soon it was heading towards afternoon, just after the lunchtime rush.

Sam was just preparing for the after-work group when a shadow crossed over him. He looked up and smiled, expecting to see a customer ready to order. Instead, he saw Deangelo Calantini smiling down at him.

"Are you here for lunch?" Sam asked, setting two hot dogs on the grill.

Deangelo nodded, "I'll take one hot dog with ketchup and onions, please."

Sam grinned, "I even get a please today do I?"

Deangelo smirked, "Would you rather I returned to leaving notes in your chiller?"

Laughing, Sam shook his head and handed the completed dog over to the underboss, "Anything else I can get you, sir?"

"Sir- I think I like that. But please, use my first name; it's much moreā€¦ personal." Calantini practically purred the last word, and winked flirtatiously at Sam.

"Deangelo then. Are we still on for tonight?" Sam asked and, taking advantage of the lack of customers, bit into his own hot dog.

"We are. Was there a particular movie you wished to see? I don't even know what's on at the moment."

"Don't worry, I have the perfect movie planned." Sam grinned wickedly.

The underboss gave him a questioning look and opened his mouth to speak when suddenly his mobile rang.

He ran a hand through his dark hair, "Just a moment." he said, then answered the call.

"I presume you're calling me to tell me you've completed the job." Deangelo said coldly and harshly.

Sam heard a faint voice through the phone, he couldn't hear what they were saying but they definitely didn't sound happy.

"I don't care for your excuses, get it done or deal with the boss." Deangelo's voice sounded low and dangerous. He snapped the phone shut and turned back to Sam with a dazzling smile on his face.

"Sorry about that," he said in a carefree tone, "it was just work."

"I figured." Sam rolled his eyes, "Gee, Calantini, seems like you've sure got two different sides."

At that Deangelo looked slightly uncomfortable and his dark brown eyes hardened momentarily, "I have to keep good control or nothing would ever be done right."

He seemed to force himself to relax and sent Sam a fake easy grin, "But let's not discuss work. I'll see you at eight."

Sam watched him walk away, feeling slightly uneasy inside.

Soon enough seven o'clock arrived and Sam packed up his stall, met up with Max and started the walk home.

"So how was work?" Sam asked as they casually strolled towards Sam's apartment.

Max shrugged, "Same as usual, as soon as I finish one piece of work I'm given even more. You?"

Sam shrugged too, "Same as any other day, had plenty of customers, Deangelo stopped by around two, packed up at seven."

Max kicked at a bottle cap on the ground and sighed, "I really wish you'd reconsider going out tonight." He gave him an imploring look, "You really don't understand what you're getting yourself into."

"I understand enough." Sam said in annoyance, "I'm a big boy, I can look after myself."

"Sam, he broke into your apartment just to ask you out!" Max yelled, "He's clearly not only dangerous but psychotic too! And if he can get into your apartment, his enemies can too and they could seriously hurt you even if the Calantini's don't!"

Sam scoffed, "So I'll upgrade my security, what do you want me to do- get fingerprint scanners?"

"They'd just cut of you hand to open the door." Max grumbled, glowering all the while.

Laughing, Sam slapped his friend on the back, "Look, I get that you're concerned but I promise you if anything at all bad happens I'll break it off." He paused in his speech and gave Max a reassuring squeeze on the shoulder, "It might not even go past the first date anyway."

They walked on in silence until they reached Sam's block.

"Wear your grey-blue shirt; it'll make your green eyes stand out." Max mumbled before waving and walking off in his own direction.

Sam grinned to himself and continued to his building.

He let himself in and went straight to his room to get ready.

First he went straight to the shower and spent about ten minutes scrubbing off the grime, grease and sweat he'd accumulated while working at the stand.

He contemplated jerking off, but eventually decided against it. Just in case his date actually went somewhere that night.

Next he rubbed himself dry and brushed his teeth extra well, flossed and gargled (again, just in case).

He paused to check his appearance in the mirror. He supposed he wasn't bad looking; his pale skin wasn't blotchy or anything, his teeth were straight and white, his eyes were quite a pretty yellowy-green.

He shrugged at his reflection and moved on to getting dressed.

By the time eight o'clock rolled around, Sam was as ready as he'd ever be.

He'd taken Max's advice with the shirt and matched with a pair of dark jeans, and he'd left his light brown hair un-styled. It was short enough not to be annoying anyway.

He had been switching between fidgeting with his buttons and doing random bits of housework for the past fifteen minutes or so and it felt like eternity.

Finally there was a knock at the door.

Sam swung it open and came face to face with his date, Deangelo Calantini.

"Wow." was all Deangelo said at first, "You sure clean up well."

Sam smiled and ran his hand through his hair self-consciously, "You're not so bad yourself."