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Crystal eyes

It was dark again and there was the sound water dripping; I opened my eyes and I was in a cave filled with glowing crystals. The cave itself was large, but not big enough for the human race to start a new life. I got up and looked around and noticed scribbles on the walls. A language I could not read and drawings of many stars. I looked over in the water and saw something in it watching me with large glowing blue eyes; I squinted my eyes and it was a woman. She swam towards me revealing her black scales, short black hair that was combed back, blue eyes, nails and lips with yellow marks underneath her eyes and two long yellow barbels on the top of her head.

"Glae reno ump?" she asked. I blinked and dropped my jaw. An alien, no, a mermaid…? "Glae reno ump?!" she asked again. I shook my head slightly with my eyes still focussing on her. I walked to the edge and sat down. "Quan ump fliem? Glaet umpro zaho? Nejikl ump xerowol der?" she asked while pulling herself on the land. She split her black tail, revealing her two legs with her fins still attach to her feet. She sat on my lap and stared. Whoa... She reached for my hair and combed it back with her blue nails. "Serpay nohg wert venoxm ump... ka?" she asked while nodding her head. I was too fascinated and confused to even think as to what was going on so I just nodded back at her. She parted her lips and leaned in a bit before opening her mouth wide, revealing her long and sharp teeth and bit into my right shoulder. Though I was told that my skin couldn't be broken unless the jaw strength was greater than a crocodiles, her jaw apparently was. She bit into me and blood began to seep out of my body. I tried to push her off but her jaws were locked on tight; this is not how I want to die! I struggled and squeezed her arms but she only let out a small sound of pain while still biting me.

"!" I said while throwing her to the side. She glanced at me with my blood smeared over her mouth and tried to come after me again. I jumped into the water and tried to swim as fast as I could with the girl hot on my trail. If I don't hurry, my blood will not only attract more predators but I might die from the lack of blood, if not eaten by her first. I just hope the experiments were useful and actually made me faster than anything else in this ocean. I was finally about to get to the surface when I heard the girl cried out:

"Wait! I'm not going to eat you!" she said farther than I thought she was. I looked back at her but something metal pulled me out of the water. When I looked up, it was Bot.

"It's about time." he said while carrying me to the ship. "It seems there is a species stronger than a crocodiles bite. You will be tested for germs, fixed up and we will be experimenting on you some more. However, tomorrow we must capture the thing that did this to you. Do you understand?" he asked. I only nodded my head as the water dripped from my body, mixing with the blood on my shoulder. I went to my room to take a shower and while bathing, I remembered her face... a new species discovered and... she was beautiful. I suppose that's how mermaids get you. They enchant you with their looks only to get close enough to devour you. But what she said before I left... was she serious? Or was she lying? I shook my head and covered my face with my hands as the water hit my back. I heard Bot knocking on my shower door. "Kaleo, it's time." I turned the water off and sighed... I only hope they won't erase my memory like last time... Bot escorted me to a dark room with a table in the middle and a machine above the table with needles ready. I glanced over at Bot and as if he read my mind he said: "You will be asleep the entire time. So lay on the table." he buzzed while sort of pushing in the room. I laid on my back with bright lights blinding me and a tube covering my nose and mouth. I breathed the gas that was pumped in it and heard a woman's voice saying:

"Relax and close your eyes Kaleo. It will all be over shortly." When I woke up, I was in my bedroom feeling lethargic and sore. Bot came in with my breakfast and some bandages.

"You are awake. Good. I have your breakfast here and its time to change your bandages with water proof ones. I must inform you that when I said tomorrow, I was referring to when you actually get up. For you have been asleep for three days. The procedure to make your skin stronger was a success. Instead of withstanding a 3,700 pounds per square inch (psi), or 16,460 newtons of bite force, you are now to withstand a 8,164 kg or 9 tons bite force. It was estimated that this was the strength of a Sarcosuchus, the ancestor of the crocodile, before it became extinct with the dinosaurs. I must warn you though, if you are to face something with a even more greater jaw strength then you will die from being either crushed to death or the amount of serum we put in you and cause your body to shut down and collapse. Do you understand Kaleo?" he asked while putting my food on the table. I nodded my head and sat down to eat. "Now then... I am also to inform you that you may suffer more brain damage than the first day we met. DO. YOU. UNDERSTAND?" Bot yelled. I frowned and nodded my head. "Contacting creator, it's been confirmed that the experiment is brain damage for he does know how to speak still." Bot buzzed. I threw my fork at him and shook my head. "Ah-hem! As immature as that was... I'll let it go because your simple human brain can't possible comprehend this situation or how we manage to fix you up or even how we made you stronger than the average human." Bot said while picking up my fork. To think that the human who created you wouldn't destroy you for all the insults that come out of you..."You'll be wearing an anti-shocking suit today because when you grab that monster then I'll shock it. So to avoid you getting shocked as well, you will wear the anti-shock suit. The last thing you should know is that you can venture deeper without feeling lightheaded. Just a precaution if anything happens... Once you've finished eating, we have to retrieve that thing that did this to you and bring it to the creators." Bot said while floating away after he gave me fork back. I rolled my eyes and continued to eat my waffles and bacon. When I was done, I went to the deck to join Bot and dived into the ocean to look for her. We ventured deep to where we couldn't see until Bot turned his flash light on. "Yes. I have been rebuilt to withstand water pressure of 20,777 m." he said as if I really cared. I looked for the cave that I was in but it was hard to remember where it was since I was swimming for my life last time.

"You are back!" said a girls voice from behind. I turned around and it was the same mermaid as before. I pointed towards her while nudging Bot and he pulled out a taser. I swam towards the black dragon mermaid as she smiled as swam towards me. "I was not going to devour you. I was simply-" she started but Bot came behind her and zapped her. "Ughhaaahh!" she screamed. She swatted Bot with her fin and tried to swim away.

"Don't let it escape!" hollered Bot as he spun uncontrollably. I swam after her and grabbed her arms. "Ngh!" she hissed as she squirmed in my arms. "Release me, you outsider!" she tried to hit me with her fin but I managed to dodge every single one. Bot came back and shocked her until she fell unconscious. He tried to shock her a few more times in case she was faking but I made sure he didn't since I didn't want to bring home a giant fish stick. When we got to the ship, Bot escorted me to a second level of the ship where a bunch of people closed their doors as I waked by. I could hear their murmurs and whispers... We walked into a room with a cylinder tank against the wall with cameras in every corner, computers, files and papers everywhere and only one woman in the middle of it all.

"Oh! Welcome back, Bot and Kaleo." she smiled. That voice…

"We have returned creator with what you have asked." Bot buzzed. Could this woman be the one that was talking before my treatment? Wait, she's Bot creator?

"Excellent. Put her in the tank and we can begin." she said while looking at me. I only continued to stare at the woman with a confusion painted on my face. Brunette in a ponytail, glasses, beauty mark under her left amber eye, and wore a grey sweater with black pants under the lab coat. "Kaleo?" she asked while tilting her head. I shook my head and put the mermaid in the tank.

"Like I previously stated, creator... he suffers brain damage." Bot buzzed. I only shot a glare at Bot before the lady walked up to me and caressed my cheek.

"How are you feeling? Lightheaded? Hungry? Tired perhaps? Are you still sore from the experiments and treatments?" she asked. I only nodded at the last part. "I see. Well no worries, your soreness will go away soon." she frowned as she walked over to the tank and placed her hand there. "So after all these years... mermaids actually exist." she giggled. "Who knew they would be found on Mars?" she asked while looking back at me. I only blinked as a reply. "You don't remember anything do you Kaleo?" she asked. I shook my head side to side. Hopefully she would tell me something important of my past. "Good." she smirked. "You wouldn't be able to do such an excellent job if you remembered anything from your past." she said while turning back around. I felt my heart sank deep within my chest. Would it really matter if I would do such a good job? "The human race sure has come a long way… Creating robots like Bot, building ships as big as the Mercy Sails, successfully altering the human DNA with animal DNA, creating new devices for people to easily speak and understand different languages, working on how to build a device so we can breath the air of other planets without suits and now discovering new life!" she smiled at me. "We're doing good, but we can do better!" I stared at the floor but my thoughts were interrupted as I heard the mermaid squirming around in the tank trying to break free. She started speaking in her other language and she sounded furious with us. "Interesting..." said the female scientist.

"Dr. Peral, she was speaking english when we retrieved her." Bot said.

"Really? ...How very interesting." she smiled. I frowned at her... Maybe getting the mermaid was a mistake. I know what the scientist was going to do her and to be honest... I don't like it. It's just not right. Seeing my face expression in the reflection of the tank, Dr. Peral looked back at me and smiled. "Don't give me that look! We've discovered new life with intelligence! Do you have any idea what this means?" I continued to frown at her with my arms crossed. "We won't hurt her, you have my word!" she extended her hand towards me.

"But how good is your word?" I asked with my voice a little raspy. "I may have been ordered to retrieve her, but it still doesn't make it right."

"What are you saying?" she asked with her smile slowly melting away and pulling her arm back to herself.

"I'm saying there are things that we shouldn't be messing with. She could have a family out there and we just abducted her! Who knows if this can start a war with those creatures..." I growled. She frowned and gave a serious glance to Bot. She nodded her head and Bot began to escort me out. I looked behind me before I left and saw the mermaid looking at me with her hand on the glass. Dr. Peral had her back towards me with her arms crossed.

"You were always liked this…" she sniffed. Bot shoved me out the door, down the halls and in my room. We were done for the day. After my shower, I laid in bed, contemplating the situation... If I leave things the way they are, I'm sure that the mermaid race will come after us and start a war. If I sneak in and try to rescue her... I might be known as a traitor and theres a chance the mermaid won't trust me ever again. So it's either war... or an outcast. I sighed and rolled over on my side. I feel as if eyes are watching and judging me at this very moment... Guess I have no choice then.