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Treacherous treason

I couldn't sleep that night; not when guilt has filled my mind. It's been decided and planned out. I'll save the mermaid, and during my time as a outcasted criminal, and I will continue to look for a cave. Hopefully throughout that time, the mermaid and her race will aid me in my time of need and hopefully my own race will forgive me for what I'm about to do... I rolled out of bed and my automatic door swung open. I looked to the left and then the right of the halls and tip toe out of my room. I went the same way Bot has escorted me but this time, I had to make sure no one notice me. A couple of times I had to leap into a room just because someone or something was coming down the hall. Thankfully the rooms I stumbled upon were empty rooms for paper work and computers. As I continued to roam the halls I heard a few foot steps coming my way and there was only one room around to go in. When I swiftly entered I listened for the footsteps.

"Did you see the game last night?" asked one as they stopped walking.

"You know we're suppose to be on high alert in case of a situation." sighed his partner.

"Like what? Besides a couple of drunk guys nothing has ever happened on the Mercy Sails."

"(Sighs) You never know... besides, I heard Dr. Peral discovered a new species. This one is different from the other ones, it is said the beast has intelligence."

"Oooo! I'm shaking in my boots!" he laughed.

"Get serious!" his partner groaned.

"What? It's not like the thing can escape. The only way for it to get out is if someone or something lets it out."

"Like that one guy they experimented on? I heard he's dangerous."

"Pft! That's just a rumor! They didn't really take someone from the ship to do experiments on for some project."

"Then what happened to him? I heard he was arrested and never been seen again."

"He probably was thrown overboard for causing so much trouble. It's hard enough that the human race population has been majorly decreased. We don't need anyone making things more difficult than they already are!"

"You're right." he laughed as they continued to walk again.

"So did you see the game or not?" he asked off in the distance while his friend groaned in annoyance. I took my ear off the door and frowned. I heard something shifting behind me and turned around. Something small started to float towards me. Bot? I reached for a light switched and turned the lights on to see a different floating robot. It was round and grey but smaller than Bot and had three red eyes and a little antenna on top of its head.

"Ro?" it asked in a higher voice than Bot's. Huh? What did it mean by that? "Ro?" it said again as it got closer to me.

"Shhh!" I hushed with a finger in front of my mouth.

"...Ro?" it whispered. I sighed and smiled. At least it can understand me and seems nicer than Bot. I walked back out and down the hallway when a few meters down, I felt something following me. I turned around and saw the small robot following me. I motioned my hand for it to go away but it only blinked and me and did a 360 degrees flip. No wonder the thing isn't doing some sort of errand... it's broken. I kept trying to shoo it away but it wouldn't listen so I just let it follow me to the room where I put the mermaid. When I entered the room, Dr. Peral was sleeping at her desk, drooling. Papers were stuck to her face while she snored and mumbled with her glasses in her hand. Like her hair, the room was a complete mess... I wonder how she gets anything done in this state. Shaking the thought away, I looked over at the tank and saw her sleeping and twitching a bit. I took a step and looked closer at her... there was a scar on her arm. It may have been there before though considering I wasn't really paying attention to her until now. I just hope that was the case... I lightly tapped the glass and when she opened her eyes, she frowned at me and began to stir wildly in the tank.

"Shhh!" I hushed her while pointing at Dr. Peral. She looked over at the scientist and glared back at me with her hands pressed against the glass.

"Why are you here" she mouthed while squinting her eyes. I looked around for something that would release her but the little robot kept getting in the way. I had to hurry before Dr. Peral woke up... A few files fell and the scientist shifted her head position and moaned in her sleep. The little robot nudged my arm and pointed at the wall with its antenna. There, the wall had a few numbered buttons and a switch. With the help of the little robot, I managed to activate the code to release the mermaid. The foreign female splitted her finn again and stepped out of the tank. She walked up to me and crossed her arms as if she was impatiently telling me to show her the way out. I motioned my hand for her to follow me to where I would usually dive into the ocean. As soon as we were outside, she dove into the water before I could. I jumped in after her with the small robot behind me. When I was underwater, I saw her swimming away... figures. I swam after her and grabbed her arm again, this time, she turned around and tried to bite me again. Thankfully my skin was too hard for her teeth to puncture open. She frowned and struggled to get out of my grip with all her might but then she stopped and looked back at me. "What do you want from me you outsider?" she growled. I opened my mouth but no sound would come out. "Moron... you know your kind can't speak underwater." she sighed as she grabbed my hand and escorted me back to the cave where we met. I came in up and sat on the edge with the small robot scanning the area behind me. The mermaid came up and stared at me. "Are you going to answer my questions now?" she asked. I blinked and nodded my head.

"It would only be fair if you answer some of my questions as well." I said with my voice a little horsed due from not talking for so long. I cleared my throat and tried again: "There are so many things confusing me right now, and you are the only one I can talk to and the only one I can turn to for anything."

"Alright... I'll go first. What are you?" she asked while splitting her fin to sit on a rock.

"I am a human being. My kind use to live on a planet called Earth. Our scientist called Earth the sibling planet of Mars, the planet we are on now. What are you? I mean, are you an alien? A mermaid?" I asked while wiping the water from my face.

"A what? I am none of those human names... I am a female yellow moon. I live on what you refer to as Mars but we refer this place as Hydropia."

"Wait, a yellow moon fish? But you resemble a Black dragon fish instead."

"I don't know what you are referring to."

"Right... Different planet. Sorry..." I said while looking away.

"What is your name?"

"Kaleo. What is yours?"

"Nanda. What are you humans doing here? Why don't you go back to your Earth?" she asked while tilting her head to the side.

"We can't go back to Earth because there is no Earth apparently. Our home planet has been destroyed and so, those who have survived are looking for a new home. Mars, er... or Hydropia has the same air as Earth once did so we can breathe your air. However, considering humans don't have gills and can't survive living underwater with these fearsome creatures, they injected me with all these chemicals and serums to alter my DNA so I can adapt to the environment and look for a spot that's inhabitable for the human race."

"Why was your Earth destroyed? What is your Earth like? Why did they choose you out of the rest of them?" she asked leaning over her rock.

"Whoa! Slow down! One question at a time remember? Now, is there a cave like this but big enough for the human race to start a new life?"

"Yes. But I won't show it to you. Your kind has captured me, made me your prisoner and done harmful things. Why should I show you the way when I can just let your kind die out?" she frowned.

"I'm sorry. I truly am. That's actually the reason why I broke you free. I feel no one, deserves to be treated like that. And as much as I am siding with you to let my own race die out at the moment, I have to save them. Because, I want kids and I'm quite sure I can't um... breed with your kind. I also hope at the end, they will tell me who I am."

"You said your name was Kaleo." she said with a confused expression.

"Well, it is. But I don't remember what it was like on Earth, whose my family, friends, what are my hobbies, dreams, what are the things that annoy me or excite me."

"You... don't know any of that?"

"At point I did...but when they altered my DNA, they erased my memories..." I said while lowering my head.

"But why?"

"They say it's because it would ruin my mission to find a cave like this to start a new life. It would jeopardize the mission by not focussing completely on what I was suppose to do. I wasn't allowed to come into contact with anyone, I wasn't allowed to leave my room unless I was told, I wasn't allowed to do anything unless I was told to."

"You were also a prisoner..." she frowned.

"I was their hero project. Their whole lives are depended on my actions. But now that I've broken the rules, I have most likely already led them to their doomed."

"What do you mean?"

"If I was to break any single rule, then I was to be terminated immediately. So, I can't go back as of right now. Not until I find a way for them to...not kill me." I sighed. "But for now... I need to learn how to survive on my own out here."

"I can help you with that."

"You will?"

"You saved me, I will save you by teaching you the ways of my world." she smiled. "But don't push it. I am still upset that you attacked me and prisoned me."

"You bit me!" I reminded her.

"I wasn't biting you to eat you! I was biting to understand you!"


"On this planet, we bite each other to understand each other. When I bit you, I learned your 'human' language and I learned only the basics of what you humans know, such as what is a family, love, war, numbers... things that my people and I can easily relate to. But if you had your memories, I would've also seen your memories and possibly know as much as you."

"Um... ok. But you can't bit the others."

"Why not?"

"When you bit me, my skin was stronger than theirs but you could've still easily killed me. So imagine what would happen if you used the same bite force on them."

"...I see... Speaking of which, why is it that your skin is tougher to pierce?"

"They inserted some more serums..." I sighed. Nanda leaped into the water and swam up to my legs and touched the gently.

"How is it that when I touch you, your skin feels soft? But when I bite you, it's the hard as the crystals?"

"Science is like that I guess." I shrugged.

"...Come. We must go to my home." she said while motioning her hand for me to jump in.

"Won't guards or whatever try to attack me?" I asked while slipping in.

"Yes. But at least they can't bite you without hurting their jaws." she smiled. Doesn't make me feel any better... I sighed. "Oh! By the way, is that the same thing that attacked me?"

"What the robot? No, the one that attacked you was bigger, had a hand and only had two orange yellowish eyes. He's an ass and his name is Bot. That robot is smaller, has an antenna and has three red eyes."

"An ass?" she asked.

"Uh... it's an insulting name to someone." I said while looking away.

"I see... Then what is the name of that, 'robot'?" she asked while pointing. The small robot floated over and did some flips while chanting 'Ro'.

"Uh... it says 'Ro' a lot so I think I'll just call her Ro." I said while grabbing Ro.

"Mmm.. Ok. Well then, let's go to Hydropia." she said while sinking down with me and Ro behind her.

It's two in the morning and I have to get up at seven in the morning for college... I know this is a short terrible chapter, but I felt I should at least update it a little. So yeah... Stay tune for another chapter