The sound echoed through the dead of the night. It was in a middle of a track and field behind a big white school. On the field, there was a woman. She was wearing a white cap that also had a hood, which covered her teary face. In her hands, she held two swords, shinning at the woman's every move. But the most significant thing about this woman was that she had a pair of white wings.

She was looking at a man. He was wearing only black, surrounded by a dark lurking shadow. Whenever the man smiled, you could sense the shadow getting stronger.

"Takemotsu! Don't do this!"

The man just smiled, ignoring her call.

The woman took a breath and started to run toward the man. She moved side to side, quicker that a normal person could react to, but right when she tried to strike the man with her swords, he was protected by the shadow. Before the woman fell to the ground from the impact, by controlling the shadow, the man caught the woman by her neck.

The woman tried to clasp onto the shadow with her hands, but she found nothing.

"Kuriko, I'm sorry. But, it's for the best."

The man brought the woman closer to him and he raised his hand toward her neck.


A silver feather necklace fell toward the ground after the man took it off the woman.

"Ta…kemo…tsu…please do not do wha-"

Before the woman could finish talking, her lips were occupied by the man's lips. When he finally separated their lips apart, a light formed around the woman's body. The man lightly put the body down to the ground and stood back up.

"Let's go before anyone comes and sees us."

The man dropped a black pouch which spilled out black fog. The black fog expanded, and slowly disappeared, revealing a stair case. The man held out a hand, which was joined by another fairly quickly.

The woman was now standing up, and was holding hands with the man. Nothing had changed about the woman except her wings, were now black.

The two of them walked down the stairs, which seemed like the stairs to hell.