Chapter 3

The blond haired boy jumped off the edge of the window, and landed on the floor. He stuck his hands in his pocket, while he stood up straight. He had the exact same uniform as Shin was wearing.

The boy started to scan the room, closely looking at the girls.

"Hehe…I found a jackpot!" The boy started to rub his chin, deciding which girls will become his prey.

Is this one of the boys that are intruding through the school? Oh well… Shin looked around the room, looking for Kitagawa-sensei that was out of the room for the moment.

"Hey guys! Come on up here! There are a lot of good ones in this class!" The boy screamed out the window. One after another, boys started to crawl out of the window and enter the classroom.

The girls started to huddle into little groups, a bit scared. Some started to exit the room.

"Hey! Why are you sitting in a desk in to girl's class? You're going to get in a lot of trouble." A boy looked down at Shin, waiting for a reply.

"Well you see…I'm-" Shin stuck his hand in his pocket, looking for the white rubber bracelet.

"Hey Shi-" Susumu started to walk up toward Shin until she saw the group of boys. They she looked at the leader of the boys and slowly started to walk backwards.

"Aki? Wa-why are you here?" The boy turned around, and looked at Susumu with a blank face.

"It's Susumu!" The boys started to run toward Susumu. One of them knocked down Shin's desk, which caused the white bracelet to fall out of his hands and land on the floor. Soon after, the bracelet was surround by shoes. Shin got up and started to crouch down to get the bracelet before anything bad happened.

"Don't even come near me you sick pervs!" Susumu started to get angry. The boys kept coming anyway. Susumu sighed and opened her palms out.

A light shined and created a white pole. Then she swished the pole, hitting a boy in the head who fell down with a smile on his face. The rest of them stopped.

"Damn girls! Just because they can create weapons doesn't mean they're better than us!" One of the boys replied as they started to open the door.

Shin finally grabbed onto the bracelet and sighed with relief, until he felt someone picking him up.

"Leave no man behind!" The boy named Aki screamed as they raised Shin up and exited the room.

"Shin!" Was the last thing Shin heard when he left the room.

The group of boys were now in the hallway, deciding which way to go. It didn't take long for a group of male teacher started to run toward the group. The one leading them had glasses and a ruler in his hand.

Some of the boys squealed as they saw the teacher while they ran toward the stairs. Shin tried his best to get of the group of boys, but they held him tight.

Damn! What's going on? Shin struggled some more, but only to find no success. A sigh escaped his mouth. At least I have the bracelet… Shin looked up, to see the male teachers running after them, screaming for the boys to come back.

"Don't think that you can get away from us! We have at least remembered some of your faces!" The teacher in the middle started to wave his ruler back and forth.

In the corner of Shin's eye, he saw Hitomi.

"Hitomi! Come and help me!" She looked up, then turned her head back forward, not caring at all. Shin looked at Hitomi, disappointed but not surprised from Hitomi's reaction.

Light hit Shin's face, who noticed that they were finally outside. The boys ran out of the school gate and entered the boy's school. After they entered the school, Shin saw a whole bunch of boys wearing the same uniform as him. He finally felt that he didn't stand out.

Then, the boys entered a big elevator and pressed a button that made the elevator. The door opened and they started to run again. They seemed to be running on the second floor ledge of a huge room around a huge globe, surrounded by TVs where many boys and teachers on computers in front of the globe.

Is that the mother detector? The thing Susumu was talking about yesterday? They kept running around the globe and entered a corridor. In the corridor were curtains, where they pushed one curtain that revealed an elevator.

The elevator door opened, and went down after Aki punched in a password. Everyone sighed with relief.

"Great job guys! Just remember where the class is, okay!" Aki raised his hand and was showered by high-5s.

"So…um…can I get down already?" Shin looked down at the boys holding him.

"Yeah! Just wait for a sec." The elevator doors started to open, revealing a dark room. One of the boys turned on a switch. The room was a big underground room. Box shaped objects were scattered everywhere, covered by sheets.

Shin was slowly lowered on the ground. He felt joy on finally being able to touch the ground and move on his own.

Shin smiled down at the white bracelet that he was able to keep safe through the bumpy ride. Until it disappeared.

"Omg! Where did you get this bracelet?" Aki took the bracelet from Shin's hand and started to inspect it.

"This is a bracelet that allows you to enter the girls school!" Aki yelled as the group of boys started to crowd around for the bracelet. Shin watched them as his ticket back to school was taken away.

The boys kept shoving and pushing as the bracelet went from one hand to the other. When it finally landed on Aki's hands once more, he pushed the others aside.

"Stop! We're all going to share the bracelet ok!" The boys replied with a dull ok. "Wonderful! The first one to use it will be me!" Then the boys attacked again. The bracelet flew out of Aki's hand when he was being blown to the ground. Shin watched the bracelet fly, then land in front of a mouse hole where a mouse came out and took the bracelet inside the hole. Everyone watched what happened to their dear bracelet with shock.

Shin could feel anger filling up as he faced the boys.

"Where's Shin?" The class silently looked up at Kitagawa-sensei.

"He was taken away from the boys…" Susumu looked to see Kitagawa-sensei's reply.

The class fell completely silent.

Shin was in the corner of the big room, mumbling every now and then about never being able to go back to school. The boys surrounded him, wondering what he was so worried about.

"Hey kid, don't worry about it! We'll be able to get more girls next time." Aki slap Shin's back.

"It's not like you went to school there." Aki started to laugh jokingly until Shin mumbled.

"I do go to school there." Everything went silent. The boys stopped whispering and now looked at Shin.

"Hey, it's not possible that you could go to the girl's school. You don't have enough white power inside you..." Shin looked back down onto the ground.

"If you want to prove us that you go to the girl's school, show us your power!" Shin looked up at Aki.

"What do you want me to do?" Aki looked at the other boys and then looked back down at Shin.

"Your power, your wings, whatever will work."

"I don't know how to do any of those."

"Then you're one of us! I was starting to get all excited about a boy being able to do stuff like a girl…Since you're already here, we'll let you in the secret group! Is everyone fine letting him into the group." The boys replied with 'sure.'

"Looks like you're officially part of our club! My names Aki. Yours?" Aki raised a hand, that was shaken with Shin's hand.

"It's Shin…anyway, I have to get going." Shin got up and started to make his way out of the crowd, until he tripped on one of the sheets.

"Ow…ugh. What-?" Shin got up rubbing his head and looked at what was underneath the sheets.

Inside the box was a strange looking guns. On the side of the box were bullets scattered on the side. Shin picked up a bullet, that gave off a white-blue glow. Shin looked up at the boys while lowering the bullet.

"What are all these?" Aki walked over and gave Shin a proud smile.

"These are special guns we have made. That is one of the things we do in this club. You know about us giving our white power to that huge globe thingy, right?" Aki walked over to a table and pulled down the sheet. Underneath was a strange machine where there was a place to put your hand down.

"This machine does the same thing, but instead of finding demons, we can use these as weapons! We were able to compound our white energy into a bullet and found guns to fire them with! Haha! Who's the strong on now girls!" The other boys joined Aki into praising their wonderful invention.

"So, this club makes secret weapons that I'm going to guess, nobody knows about?" Aki turned around.

"Yeah! Great way to say it Shin!"

"Good, 'cause I was worried that this club was just about sneaking into the girls school and not getting into trouble."

"Well, I guess you could say we also do that…" Shin looked away from Aki with a bit of shame knowing that he was now part of this secretly inventing, flitting with girls, and not getting into trouble club.

Then, shin walked over toward the table and looked at the machine with curiosity. He put his hand down on the hand holder and the machine started to burst with life. Shin could feel something being sucked from him, something like energy. One by one, the machine started to release bullets, until the machine stopped moving and slowly died back down. Aki and the boys walked over toward Shin, who sat down onto the floor, his feet not able to support his body from the loss of energy that was taken away from him.

But the boys weren't watching Shin, but the bullets that the machine made.

"That's…a lot of bullets." Aki started to count the bullets, which was about 20.

"We usually can only make 10 and less but 20…you must actually have a lot of white energy inside you…" Aki raised one of the bullets, which instead of making a white-blue glow, it was pure white.

"And I have never seen a bullet as white as this either." One of the boys said in the crowd.

"Emergency everyone! A Demon is right now in the field of the girl's school! And it's an S class demon! All boys stay inside the school and do not leave. All exits will be closed down for security!"

Everyone jumped from the loud voice that echoed inside the room.

"S class! We can finally prove ourselves that these guns can work! Then we won't have to be working under the girls anymore!" Aki yelled as the rest of the group cheered back.

S class demon! What's going on? Is everyone at school going to be okay? I just started to go to school yesterday! Shin started to imagine what maybe happening at the other school. Shin started to push himself back up, but he still felt tired and worn out.

"Shin! Grab one of the guns and we're out of here!" Aki was leading a group of boys, that were all holding a gun in their hands with extra ammo. Shin jumped up and grabbed one of the guns, trying to forget about his loss of energy.

Aki pushed aside some boxes, which revealed a narrow stair case going up.

"Kuma! Lead the way out of here!"

The group started to go up and Shin and Aki were last people to go up. Before Aki went up the stairs, he went back into the room, grabbed the bullets that the machine had just made and stuck them inside his pocket. Come on body! Let's keep on moving! Shin kept telling himself as he exhaustedly went up the stairs.

After the stairs, they started to go down a corridor that seemed like it hadn't been used in forever. There were small windows on the side which you could see the globe room. In the globe room, there were images on the TV screens of the s class demon. All the boys were now viciously typing on their computers, to find the weakness of this s class demon, which they were not having any success. The rest of the boys were in front of the TV, taking notes about the demon.

The demon looked like a gargoyle that had horns on his heads. The gargoyle itself was at least the size of the school. Inside the demon's mouth were millions of sharp teeth, even sharper than any animal on earth. The demon was surrounded by girls, all wearing white, holding weapons, and white wings on their back. It seemed that the girls were trying to get rid of the demon, but they seemed to have no success.

But none of that mattered for Shin. The only thing that Shin cared about was the image that was shone on the big TV in the middle. Shin could feel the tension between his teeth as he clenched his jaw.

The TV showed the gargoyle's hand, which it carried something. In his hand, it carried Hitomi, who was fighting her way out of the demon's grasp. One of the demon's fingernails was slowly digging into Hitomi's neck.

"Shin…" A noise escaped Hitomi's mouth as her eye's slowly closed. Shin couldn't stand watching this happen anymore. He started to push aside some of the boys and he started to run out of the building. He felt his energy becoming stronger as he ran toward the exit.

Shin felt the sunlight hit his face as he finally was able to open the door. He rushed around the wall that separated the two schools and ran toward the track and field.

When Shin finally had a full image of the demon, he aimed the gun at the monster and pulled the trigger.


Shin lowered the gun, wondering if there was any ammo in the gun. He turned it toward the side, and saw the words, 'prototype 1 failure'.

"No! You have got to be kidding me!" Shin started to panic as he threw the gun to the ground. The demon looked toward Shin and smiled, showing his sharp teeth.

"I found yoooooou!" The demon reached his hand that wasn't carrying Hitomi toward Shin. "Master did say that the girl will bring the boy! Hehehe! He will be happy!" Shin stood there, shocked on what's going on. By the time he came back to reality, the hand was only seconds away from Shin. Shin closed his eyes, prepared for the hand to wrap itself around himself.


Something blocked the hand from getting Shin, something strong. Shin looked up, to see Susumu holding up a long spear, pulling the hand away from Shin.

"Susumu!" Susumu looked up, sweat streaming down her face.

"Hurry up and get out of here, Shin! This damn monster wants you and you only!" Susumu looked up at the monster and gave it a smile. It seemed that Susumu might win the fight against the demon's hand.

Then, out of nowhere, a tail came slashing down between Susumu and Shin, breaking her spear. Then, the tailed was dragged toward Susumu, that got hit head on.

"Susumu!" Shin started to run toward Susumu, but the tail was too fast for Shin to keep up with.

"She's finally out of the way! Now I can finally have you!" The demon moved his hand toward Shin. Then, right when the demon was about to wrap his hands around Shin, he jumped and landed on the demon's arm. He ran up the arm and slid down the other arm where Hitomi was. How am I able to move this fast? It seemed that Shin's body was acting on its own.

"Hitomi! Come on! Wake up!" Shin yelled as he pulled on the fingernail that was on her neck. While pulling on the fingernail, it made cut on Hitomi forehead, which it poured down blood.

"Shin…" Shin looked at Hitomi who's eyes were still closed.

"It's no use! You'll never get her out of my grasp!" The demon turned its head to look at Shin and smiled. Shin's anger started to pile up, about to burst.

All of a sudden, Shin raised his hand without knowing it and something came out. Something white shot out of Shin's hand hitting the demon. The demon's eyes widened before the light blinded everyone's eyes.

When the light finally disappeared, giving everyone their vision again, half of the demon's face was gone. The area on the demon's face which was just exposed to the air started to ooze out black fog.

The demon let go off Hitomi and brought both of his hands up to his face to feel what happened.

Shin quickly jumped off of the demon's arm and held onto Hitomi as they both started to fall. Shin closed his eyes tightly, hoping that they won't die from fall.

Something lightly started to bring them down to the ground. Shin opened his eyes to see what was stopping them from falling quickly. Around Shin and Hitomi were white feathers slowly floating down. He looked around himself to see if anyone was holding him, but instead he noticed a white wing.

Shin looked onto the other side, to see another wing. Wings! What? He quickly looked at his body, which instead of his school uniform, was wearing a white long jacket covering over more white cloths. What the hell happened to my cloths! Why am I wearing only white? Then, Shin sighed, knowing that even if he asks the questions to himself, he wouldn't be able to answer any of them.

Ignoring the questions, Shin looked down at Hitomi, whose eyes were wide open with her face dyed red.

It seemed that when Shin's wings started to slow down their fall, Shin had unconsciously held Hitomi in the princess way. I did not just do this! Now I am going to die for sure!

Hitomi started to push Shin away from her when Shin's feet finally touched the ground.

"Ew! Get away from me! Let go of me!" Shin slowly put Hitomi down while her hands still pushed against Shin. Man! This girl knows how to piss someone off! When Hitomi finally was standing on her own, she started to rage while wiping the blood of her face from her cut. The demon behind Shin seemed to have forgotten about his half gone face and it started to move his claws at Shin, finding an opening.

"You can't just take advantage of your master when they are unconscious! When we get home, you WILL be punished! Don't think you could ever get away!" It seemed that Hitomi may have kept scolding Shin unless he didn't fall down.

"Stop playing around and listen to me-…Shin?" Hitomi ran over toward Shin. The back of the white coat Shin was wearing was starting to stain red.

"Shin? Shin!" It seemed that when Hitomi was scolding Shin, the demon gave Shin a shallow cut on his back.

The same door that Shin opened when he exited the boy's school opened once more. Aki and the members ran around the demon and started to fire. The girls around them became confused as they saw boys fighting demons. But that didn't stop them from attacking.

Bullet after bullet hit the demon, sinking in the body. It seemed that the demon was taking a lot of damage, but since it was an s class, it still was powerful. The demon started to attack the others, swishing its tail on the ground.

Aki ran out of bullets that were originally in the gun he was using and took out the white bullets that Shin made. He stuck one in and fired the bullet. Instead of just sinking in the demon's body, it created a small explosion, were black fog came out just like the head.

Hitomi stared at the body of Shin, her eyes wide open. Then she looked up at the demon, who gave Hitomi a half smile while wincing from the damage he was getting.

"You BASTARD! I was in the middle of a lesson! NOBODY gets in the way of me!"

Hitomi felt her body get light as she felt something unlock, something part of her that she has kept inside her for a long time. Before she knew it, she wasn't wearing her school uniform. But, she wasn't wearing a white outfit either.

Instead, she was wearing a purple outfit. A fluffy purple skirt and a purple top. She looked behind her, were she saw a pair of white wings that gave off a tinted purple color. I finally did it! I'm finally winged! Hitomi started to jump up and down from joy until she noticed something in her hands. She saw a white gun in both hands.

"The girl finally sprouted I see! But I still need the boy!" The demon launched his hand forward as he grabbed after the body of Shin.

Hitomi reacted in an instant. She pointed her gun at the hand and bang. The hand was gone, spilling out black fog.

When the demon finally moved the remaining part of his arm away, the body of Shin was gone. Hitomi turned around to see Shin standing, leaning against the school building.

"Shin-" Shin looked up and looked at Hitomi. Hitomi stopped moving in an instant. Shin looked up at the demon and stared into its eyes. Shin gave the demon the same cold look Shin gave to Hitomi the day before.

"Hello, Moulve." The demon stopped agonizing about his lost hand and gave Shin a smile.

Shin looked up and gave a smile back. "Hello, Voulrin."