Chapter 7: The Project

*Monday Afternoon*

The worst subject for me was biology. There were so many things I hated about it, I didn't know where to start. I spent all weekend studying, but nothing got in my head.

I quietly sat in my seat, as Mr Lopaz continued talking something about the human body. So many things to memorize, so little cares I give.

"Okay class," Mr Lopaz abruptly raised his voice, "Get into partners, and I will give you system in the body to research about..."

Oh god! Group projects...I was either stuck with someone who was stupider than me, (which is rare but possible) or someone who was so freaking smart, and made me feel like a dumbass.

Biology was one of those classes where I didn't have Jayden, Lola or Macie with me.

I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulders, as I turned around to come face to face with a perky blonde.

"Hey Kat," Amy greeted me.

"Uhh, hey Amy," I greeted back, trying to fake a smile.

"Well, my usual partner is absent today, so do you want to partner up?" she asked smiling.

My eye widened a bit, as I wanted to scream no.

"Uhh sorry, I already have a partner," I blurted out. Already have a partner? Oh god...what did I get myself into.

"Really who?" she asked me surprised raising her eyebrows.

My eyes slowly started wandering to the left behind Amy as I noticed a certain grey-eyed denim jacket wearing guy that seemed like my only hope.

"Blake..." I quickly said smiling, "Wesley Blake."

"Wesley Blake?" Amy repeated confused, "But he always works alone..."

He does? I guess I learn something new everyday.

"We recently became friends," I accidently squeled, sounding really desperate.

"Uhh okay," Amy coughed, sounding a bit disguted.

As Amy left me to find another partner, I swallowed every ounce of my pride as I slowly got up from my seat and took really small steps towards Wesley.

Wesley looked up, giving me a weirded out look as I continued to walk in baby steps.

"Ummm...did you want something Kit Kat?" he asked as I closed my eyes as I sat down.

"Just give me a moment," I whispered, "I'm about to do something painful."

"Should I be worried?" he glanced sitting back a bit.

" to..." I gulped. I couldn't even finish my question. Why was this so hard to do.

"Nope," Wesley stated as he went back reading his binder.

"What?" I quickly said. He didn't even know what I was going to say.

"Look, I'm flattered," Wesley mocked saracastically, "and I know I'm completely irressitable, but I'm not going to go out with you."

"WHAT!" I exclaimed so loudly that the whole class had a moment of silence to look back at me.

"Is there a problem Ms Chase?" Mr Lopaz asked me.

"No!" I quickly shook my head, "Just excited about the project."

Mr Lopaz nodded his head, as everyone slowly went back to their business.

"I wasn't going to ask you out you jerk!" I whisper-yelled to Wesley as he started to chuckle, "I was going to ask to be your science partner."

"Oh wow," Wesley said, "You want to partner with me? So who are you hiding from?"

"Was is that obvious?" I asked.

"Yeah...I'm pretty sure this is the first time you found out I was in the class actually," Wesley explained.

"Hey it's not my fault," I defended, "I always sit in the front, and you sit here, in the dead zone with your headphones."

"Yeah, I work alone," he said firmly.

"Please!" I begged quietly, "I'm trying to avoid Jayden's girlfriend, but I can't afford to work alone."

"Now it just got interesting..." Wesley smirked, "So what's in it for me?"

"Hey, you almost go me fired remember!" I exclaimed quietly again.

"And I gave you a ride home, so we are even..." Wesley explained,

I took a deep breath, forcing myself not to punch Wesley right now.

"Fine..." I grumbled, "I'll owe you back, just give me time to think."

Wesley contuned to give me his lop sided smirk with victory as I rolled my eyes once again.

"I am really going to regret this aren't I?" I thought to myself rhetorically.

Lunch Time

"So when are you going to introduce us?" asked Lola as the three of us were in walking to the cafeteria,
I want to meet your new science partner!"

Lola and Macie, well mainly Lola, wanted me to introduce Wes to them.

"I don't think that's a good idea," I said reluctantly. Wesley wasn't really the social type. I mean up until a two weeks ago, he didn't talk to anyone in the school.

"Don't worry, we're not going to steal him from you," Macie joked.

"Yeah, no matter how gorgeous he is...and trust me, he is," Lola swooned.

"Oh brother..." I muttered, "Just give it up guys, Wesley isn't really a people person."

"Yeah, he's a Kat person," Macie said, giving Lola a high five.

"Oh, nice pun..." I rolled my eyes, "Nice to see you are feeling better Macie."

If I had a dollar every time someone made a joke with my name, I would have been able to pay off my college tuition by now.

"Look, he's sitting right over there," Lola pointed as we entered the cafeteria.

"Don't point!" I exclaimed forcing her hand down. Wesley was sitting alone at the last table beside the corner window. He had an apple in his hand, as he put his feet up on the table, and his red headphones in his ears.

"Someone's nervous," Macie laughed, "Don't worry Kat, we're not going to judge him that easily. I mean, if you've been with him this long, I'm guessing he's not that bad."

"This coming from the girl who thought he was a murderer last week," I pointed out.

"Hey, my opinion can change," Macie shrugged.

"Fine...let me just ask him first," I said. Before walking towards the last table, I adjusted my shirt and jacket, just out of nervousness, and then made my way to his table.

As he noticed me, he gave a small smirk as he took his headphones off.

"Someone can't stay away from me huh?" he taunted as he continued to eat his apple.

"Haha.." I laughed sarcastically, "This is what friends do, they eat lunch with one another."

"Ok, just cause I talk to you occasionally, doesn't make us friends," he stated as he was about to take a cookie off my tray. I quickly smacked my hand.

"So we're not friends, but you can take my desert? As if!" I exclaimed, "Anyway, my friends were wondering if they could come and sit with you."

Wesley stared at me for a moment, as if he was waiting for a punch line in a joke.

"How about no..." he said as he took a sip of his coke.

"Believe me, they are nothing like Jayden and his posse," I tried to convince him, "They're really cool once you get to know them."

"And like I told you, I don't need any friends..." he stated, this time a bit seriously.

"Okay, what's taking so long?" Lola exclaimed as both her and Macie came from behind me. They wasted no time getting comfortable as they sat down with their lunch trays.

"Sorry, we were getting hungry," Macie shrugged as she put a fry in her mouth.

"So Wes," Lola smiled as she tried to make a conversation, "We have heard alot about you..."

Wesley then looked at me, as if I had done something wrong. I swear his looks could kill if they were weapons.

"I lost my appetite..." he said as he got up, picked up his black backpack, and made his way out of the cafeteria.

"Well, that wasn't rude at all..." Lola commented, rolling her eyes a bit, "Are you sure this is the guy your crushing on cause I'm starting to miss Jayden."

"I'm not crushing on him!" I denied, but I felt kind of hurt. It's not like I tried to do something wrong, I was just trying to get him to be a bit more social.

"Well, you can't force people to make friends Kat," Macie sighed as the red head continued eating her fries.

"Yeah..I guess," I agreed.

"I still feel offended," Lola murmured.

"Sorry, he just doesn't like to make conversations," I explained, "Unless he's making fun of me..."

"Then he definetly has a soft spot for you," Lola continued, "Why else does he only talk to you?"

I shook my head in denial. I mean, it was just a chance that we became friends, or acquaintances.

But that was weird. He wasn't usually angry, or pissed off...with me anyway. Something was definetly wrong...

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