Breaking dawn, a dying swan

and a newborn fawn are

drawn together like magnents.

Celestial majesty, two legendary

star-crossed lovers prophesy

another tragedy is on the horizon.

Loud, heartwrenching feminine screams

break several mirrors and glass cups in

God's sanctuary. Can anything good

come out of this beautiful disaster

known as labor? A silent prayer,

an open door of opportunity reveals that

the answer is yes. Push beyond the

anguish, chosen pregnant handmaid

servant of the lord, wish upon the

star of Bethlehem for a miracle.

Beauty made out of ashes, a

baby emerges from this bloody

chaos so called birth. Bursting

at the seams, childish dreams

brings forth a remedy by which

is more comedy. Planned or not,

this miraculous tiny bundle of joy

will always have the heart of Jesus

and a great destiny to be fulfilled.