Chapter 2

The passing of the veil was the hardest part of my journey.

As I passed into the space beyond, I fell. I fell through infinity; I passed millions of worlds, galaxies, heavens, and dying stars. I saw so many doors that I would not pass, not because I couldn't, but because I did not want to. I could sense only one door, it called to me. I waited for so long; what seemed like eternities, but could have been no longer than three to four hours.

Then I saw it; my door.

I tried my wings as hard as I could, I willed my way out of this space and was reborn into a lush, green land. And that is how I met Mother Earth; she had called to me, she had beckoned me and was now welcoming me to her own bosom.

When I awoke in the lush green grass, I had changed. I looked into my surroundings, my eyes burned from the star above. The air felt warm as I inhaled, and suddenly I began to panic. I feared for myself, my guide was gone, my mother had died for this; I was truly alone.

I never told you the reason I had begun my journey into this unknown, why I was chosen to be saved by the human, why he chose my soul over my mother's. I am special.

It began when I turned eight earth years, at first, I had no clue what was to become of me. My body lit the dimmest of the underground passages of the world I had lived; I was unafraid to enter the depths that elders and young alike would not dare to venture. I thought it was natural. That was, until my mother began to notice, at first it scared her, she thought me the Demon and sought to have me expelled from her home. She told no-one of this evil that spawned from within. But as I grew, she had realised her folly, I was her Chick, her child. And as developed, my mother began to understand that no matter the evil in me, she would care for me until her body would no longer support her life. I became older, but remained a small creature. My mother was taller, she had once seen the light from above, and lived in the harsh lands - it had encouraged her growth. She stood at three foot tall and her features were so delightful; she had the lightest brown feathers of all the elders, her face akin to what you humans call "Ostrich". I had inherited this feature as many of our kind did. When describing such likeness with that which the humans see, there is little way to grace the beauty of my own mother. I miss her terribly.

Soon, my power became uncontrollable. The static would discharge and the most inconvenient times, and of course, this is when the others began to realise just what I was. My mother tried her best to make every excuse; "He's just a very shocking character" she would joke. But soon, people were catching on to the truth, the same truth my mother had taken years to overcome. So it came to be that she packed her finest feathers and her Gold-Emerald necklace, and ventures to the surface with me to seek out my salvation.

Born again onto this world, I had carried with me my mother's necklace. I placed the teardrop emerald around my neck, and rolled onto my back. I extended my wings to find that I had formed hands. It was the ultimate disguise, but the form felt ugly, it was then that I felt grateful for my mother's absence. I would not want her to see her Chick so grotesque, like a huge lump of malformed feathers that only seemed to stretch half way up my body now. The rest had a stringy material that I soon learned to be hair. Now, you see, this was a hard adjustment for me; my body had changed to something unrecognisable. As I reached my new limb to my face, I began to feel my bill, but it had changed from the hard beak I had known to an almost flat, flesh, jelly like structure.

And then I tried to stand. That was a big mistake.

I was big, very big. Much taller than I had ever seen any of the surface of the blizzard world, with the exception of the scaled guide.

I managed to balance on my feet, which had retained their bird-like shape; something familiar. I heaved from the height, I had never stood so high and subsequently I fell to my knees and threw up into the grass. I took a few more moments before trying again, falling again and again. Each time, I had managed to stand for a little longer; I adjusted to the gravity of the world, and that is when I had noticed that the planet around me had darkened.

I resigned to sit, and for the first time in my life, I stared into a clear, weather less sky into a glittery abyss. A big bright sphere had appeared in the sky, it shed light on the world around me, but much less so than the star I had seen earlier.

As I stared in awe, a tear fell from my face.