Freak on a leash, everybody's fool,

you'll never be good enough. Lithium

follows you toward the end of the

dream. Cloud nine, its a new way

to bleed. So sick of the lies, my

sweet sacrifice, just surrender.

Goodnight, October, call me when

you're sober. Made out of stone,

the change won't happen over night

for your broken spirit. Lacrymosa, Sally's

song, this is the last song I'm wasting on

you. Your star is the left out missing piece

to this puzzle, the story of my life. You

whisper hello and I beg please forgive me,

give unto me. Understanding you, I begin

to feel again. Haunted, I long to be like you

even in death. My imaginary immortal, snow

white queen, is this what you want? Together

again, you're not the only one to lose control.

We walk through that same secret door leading

halfway down the stairs where we breathe below

zero degrees celcius. You're so close and yet continue

drifting farther away from me. Distance and time

take you anywhere, but home. I wonder where

will you go after sunset? My heart is broken,

listen to the rain. Swimming home, I can never

go back to these oceans or old childish fears. Weight

of the world, please disppear before the dawn. Lost

in paradise, I'm going under until you bring me to life.

I say my last breath and breathe nomore. Say you

will be my tourniquet? Say you will wait for me on the

otherside? Bleed, I must be dreaming. Thoughtless,

solitude is taking over me in these fields of innocence

and I remain stuck inside your heartshaped box forever.