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Ciel glided over the clouds in the bright noonday sky. White wings carried her gracefully, the wind gently pushing her on. She loved the feel of flying. It was her favorite part of being a guardian angel sent to help the feeble humans of the Earth.

Ciel looked for her next assignment. Her last one – a little girl by the name of Evelyn – had just passed away peacefully in her sleep as she was intended to do. Ciel's job was to make sure it was as painless as possible. That was her task as the little girl's guardian.

Ciel had been sad to see the little girl go because she was undoubtedly attached. She had watched little Evelyn since the day she was born and now Ciel wouldn't get to see her because her place was on Earth, and Evelyn was meant to enjoy the wonders of the afterlife. Even so, Ciel was filled with an unmistakable happiness that the girl now spent her time in the gold roads of heaven.

Ciel was responsible for her little girl's mother, Clara, now. Clara was deathly ill, just like her daughter had been. The young women wasn't yet supposed to die, though, so she needed an angelic intervention.

The angel touched down onto the Earth's ground, taking the form of a human. Ciel always knew that if she were a human, she'd be a teenage girl. It just fit her personality somehow. Her human always had long black hair tied in a ponytail with reflective blue eyes. Ciel might be a boy's name, but she stilled preferred the female form no matter how masculine her signature was.

The snowy cliff side was cloaked in a dark layer of blackness from the moonlit sky. Clara's house was only a quick walk from where Ciel was currently; the angel could see it from where she stood. However, the nearest doctor lived over five miles over, and in the blizzard, it would be near impossible to get Clara help.

Nonetheless, Ciel was determined, and when she was determined, she would get it done. That was the thing that made her such a good guardian. Ciel started on her through the deep snow.

Ciel's human form was that of a girl who was very short, five two on her tiptoes, meaning the snow came well past her ankles, pulling her under. She made the trudge through the cold snow even though. She still needed to get the doctor to help Clara. How she would get the poor man to come five miles in a blizzard though, she really didn't know.

Dr. Jonathan Fields was in the midst of celebrating his twenty-second Christmas alone when he saw a little girl walking towards his home. The fire in his hearth illuminated her small form scrambling its way out of the snow. She clambered from his view as several small knocks clicked against his door.

He opened the wooden framework to see a small girl with bright pink cheeks and glazed brown eyes. Her mousy hair was tangled around her dirty face and covered with a tattered green cap. She had matching lime mittens and scarf to go with the hat. Her small red shoes were thrashed and ripped.

His handsome face wore an astonished look. Confusion lit his dark eyes. What was a little girl doing at his door in the middle of a snow storm? The little girl's eyes welled with tears as he watched her stand on his porch.

"Please, sir, I heard you were a doctor. Is that correct?" Her lower lip trembled. Dr. Jonathan had no idea what to do.

"Um, yes," the doctor answered weakly. "Can I help you?" he asked, running his hand through his dark hair, mussing it up further.

"Yes, please sir. It's my mother. She's very ill. I don't know what to do sir. She doesn't look like she's going to make it." The girl sobbed harder.

Determination shown in the young doctor's eyes then.

"Let me grab my coat," he told her.

The two set off through the treacherous snow caps towards the home of Clara and once her young daughter Evelyn. Dr. Jonathan attempted small talk, but sometimes he thought he sounded more like he was interrogating the little girl. The girl didn't seem to mind, however rude he was being.

"What's your name?" he had asked her.

"Ciel, but you should probably call me Evelyn." The girl had a small grin on her face that was obscured to the doctor by her muffler.

"Why would I call you Evelyn if your name is Ciel?" Dr. Jonathan inquired.

"It would be easier for you to understand," she replied vaguely. Whatever the meaning behind her words was, Jonathan Fields would never know.

Mile after mile they walked and not once did Dr. Jonathan say a word about how much farther they would have to go. They would have to go as far as they would have to go. When they finally reached the run down, ramshackle dwelling of Ms. Clara's residence, Ciel walked right to the front door, Dr. Jonathan in tow.

Ciel, or rather Evelyn, hid behind Dr. Jonathan, shoving the back of his coat towards Ms. Clara. The woman lay on her small bed, her thin brown hair, the same shade as her daughter's, clung to her sallow skin. Clara's sleep was restless as she tossed and turned about, making the wire thing legs of the bed shake and whine.

Wind howled through the thin panels of glass that covered the windows. The floorboard was worn and the wood seemed now nonexistent. Everything was grey with no color but that of despair.

Dr. Jonathan knocked against an exposed stud, waking the woman. She was too weak to show any surprise or fear at his place there. Clara didn't even notice the little girl who looked identical to her now deceased daughter. Ciel snuck silently out the door once the doctor started Ms. Clara's treatment.

"Well, Miss Clara, I think you should be fine. I'll come to check on you every once in a while. Don't you worry." Clara smiled in response. "It's really a good thing your little girl Evelyn came and got me. And in this weather with only that beat up green scarf and mittens. Oh my, and those little red shoes! Poor girl must've half frozen to death." Dr. Jonathan shook his head.

Ms. Clara looked very perplexed by Jonathan's comments.

"I'm sorry sir, but you must be mistaken. My daughter died three months ago. Look there, in the closet." Clara pointed faintly at a closet at the end of the room. The door was slightly cracked open.

Jonathan went to see the contents of the dinky storage room and gasped at what he saw. The very shoes the girl had worn lay under the coat hanger with the girl's scarf and mittens on it, with the scarf wrapped around it. Jonathan was speechless.

"You see sir, I'm awful grateful for your help and all, but I'm sure it wasn't my baby that sent for you, doctor. Did she say anything to you?" Ms. Clara was honestly curious what had brought the young doctor to her door.

"Not much. I asked her for her name and she said I'd better call her Evelyn because –" Jonathan paused.

"What was it?" Clara questioned.

"Because it would be easier to understand. Her name was Ciel, but she said she'd better be called Evelyn because it'd be easier to understand," Jonathan finished uncertainly.

"Well I don't understand," stated Ms. Clara.

"I don't think we're meant to understand Mistress Clara. I don't think we're meant to."

Ciel's angelic laugh filled the suddenly quiet room. The sound was both beautiful and haunting at once. It was certainly not a sound either Dr. Jonathan Fields or Ms. Clara were ever going to forget. The sound clung to the air, keeping essence of the angel even after she'd flown away.

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