A man sat gloomily in an unlit room. He tilted his head back and grimaced; the weight of his head was unbearable. The chair he was sitting on was firm and unmoving, uncaring. He took a sharp breath of air and felt anguish.

Why was life so hard? So unforgiving?

There is no point.

His warm blood flowed around in his head and he felt a sick kind of peace. He slowly stood up and felt nothing.

Nothing but a sense of power.

He heard the sharp clink of a door closing behind him. He quickly turned towards the sound and his hair whipped against his face. He narrowed his eyes as he beheld his mother's innocent eyes gazing sadly back at him.

"What do you want?" he snapped.

Her eyes hardened into a determined glare. "We have to talk."

He paused for a moment and then started to laugh; it was a cruel noise. He felt empowered with every second that passed, and he noticed his petite mother's eyes weaken into despair. He pulled a small handgun out of his jacket pocket and walked calmly towards her with his weapon swinging in his grasp. He grinned as he looked down into her eyes and held the barrel to her forehead. She shook from the touch of cold metal and stared up into his hard, cruel eyes. An innocent tear dropped from her clear eye, but he cruelly changed his aim at the last moment and pulled the trigger.

The noise from the gunshot rang in his ears and he slowly released the trigger, relishing in his newfound power. Her eyes became glazed with blood, but they remained open as she fell and continued to stare at her killer, her son, in a calm acceptance and sadness. She collapsed as quickly as a shooting star and her warm blood splashed onto his innocent skin.

He smiled and wiped the blood off of his cheek. The chains that his innocence had created were broken.

He was free.

No, I am not a sick person, before you ask. I just feel like this certain matter needed another viewpoint. We were talking about this in school, and I found inspiration while we were talking. How? Weeeelllll... I will answer that in the next chapter, if you want one. I know that I have delved into a touchy subject with this short story, and I will take requests if anyone wants me to stop, or keep going... You will not be disappointed in the next chapter, but I will not post it if it hurts peoples feelings. I hope that you have enjoyed the story which I believe is my best work so far, and please review with your response!