Long ago, there were dragons, fairies, humans, and… demons. They all lived happily. They lived in peace and harmony. Then, the demons rose up to claim the world as their own. They started attacking humans. Then they started to kill them and eat their souls. A war struck between the demons and humans. After the war humans were thought to be extinct. That was until today.

Jenna: Macey come on we're going to be late to training!

Macey: I'm sorry Jenna

Jenna: I thought us demons were supposed to be fast

Macey: I'm sorry I just couldn't find my sword

Jenna: We have spare ones at the training center now come on!

Macey: Found it! Coming!

*They get in the car and go to the training center*

Jenna: Master we're here!

Master Shinto: Jenna, Macey you're late

Macey: Sorry Master I couldn't find my sword

Master Shinto: You have it don't you?

Macey: Yes

Me and Macey have been training our whole lives to become stronger. Why? Because… A human killed our parents. I will get revenge. Even if it costs my life to resurrect a human and kill them, I will get revenge.

*Later that day*

Macey: Jenna I'm tired

Jenna: Go home and get some sleep I'm going on a walk

Macey: Ok *leaves*

Jenna: *sigh* She's always so tired…. All well *starts walking to the park*

*At a Human Research Lab*

Human: Let me go!

Demon professor: I'm sorry but we can't. We need to learn how your body functions

Human: My body functions by its beating heart! That's what keeps us alive! All we need to survive is food, water, shelter, and our heart!

Demon professor: We know all that but we want to see everything else

Human: *Knocks out the professor and escapes*

*The park*

Jenna: I need to be careful, there have been rumors of rapists around here *walks around the corner*

Demon: Hello there miss

Jenna: Go away

Demon: Now don't be like that, cutie *pulls her closer*

Jenna: Please j-j-just leave me alone

Demon: I don't think so *pulls at her skirt*


Demon: Now your being a bad girl!

Jenna: Itaku! *a blast of purple light comes from her hands and she runs away*

*She stops to catch her breath*

Jenna: That was close *fixes skirt*

*Someone runs into her*

Jenna: Hey watch where you're…

?: I'm sorry

Jenna: Y-y-you're…. You're a human

Human: Yea and so are u aren't you?

Jenna: *doesn't have demon qualities* I'm a demon. But…. How….. I thought humans were extinct

Human: I guess I'm the last

Jenna: Where did you come from?

Demon professor: You over there get away from the human!

Human: Please help me!

Jenna: I-I-I must get revenge on my parents but….. He needs my help…. Ok I'll help. Put this on *hands him a blanket of invisibility*

Human: Ok? *covers himself with the blanket*

Jenna: Istono *she turns invisible* follow me

*They make it to her house*

Jenna: Macey! I'm home!

Macey: Jenna! *smiles* Hi there

Human: Hello

Jenna: Macey this is a human

Macey: *frowns* M-m-mommy….. *Starts to cry*

Jenna: Shh its ok he's nice

Macey: Are you sure?

Jenna: Yes. Now let's get him some of Onee-san's clothes

*the girls get him some clothes*

Human: Thank you very much. Now please will you show me to your bathroom?

Jenna: Ye…. *hers key in the door* Shh… Macey Onee-san is at the door go stall him when he comes in

*Macey nods and goes to the door*

Jenna: Come with me *takes him to the bathroom*

Macey: *distant* Welcome home Onee-san

Onee-san: *distant* Hi Macey

Jenna: This is the bathroom shower then visit my room over there *points* then I'm going to show you to the guest room.

Human: ok *goes into bathroom*

Macey: *getting closer* So can you make me some cupcakes?

Jenna: *walks to her* I will make you come cupcake Macey

Onee-san: Jenna *hugs her* I need to talk to you

Jenna: Macey go into the living room

Macey: Ok sissy *goes into the living room*

Onee-san: We started testing on humans last month… and one of them escaped

Jenna: Really! Do have any idea where he is?

Onee-san: No but he's male, brown eyes, and blonde hair

Jenna: Oh yea I saw him!

Onee-san: is he dead or alive

Jenna: Alive

Onee-san: Where is he?

Jenna: *get out phone and walks into her room* Read my text message!

Onee-san: What? *his phone goes: beep beep 1 new message Master Drake*

Jenna cell to Drake cell: He's in your shower XD

Drake cell to Jenna cell: WHAT?!

Jenna cell to Drake cell: Yea… I didn't kill him because your fellow Professors were after him

10 mins later:

Human: *sneaks into Jenna's room* Miss I'm finished

Jenna: Oh ok let's go *takes him to the guest room* This will be your room. Warning my brother is a Professor at the Research Lab

Human: What! Oh my name is…

Drake: Yep your right sister this is the human we lost. I need to take him back tomorrow

Human: Wait! Professor Drake. The best way to learn about a human is seeing how they live outside of the lab!

Drake: Hmm… We never thought about that. Fine. I will call the lab and tell them I have you and I'm studying you in a natural habitat

Human: Thank you, sir.

Drake: But be careful the second you try to run away I will take you back to the lab

Human: Y-yes, sir.

Drake: Jenna take him out to get him some clothes. Take the silver credit card there is about 4 million on it so spend as much as you need to

Jenna: Yes, Onee-san. Let's go human

Human: Ok. And my name's Tyler

Author's notes: Hey guys! Long time no write any ways well this is the new series I promised! And if you haven't read my first series Shingai its ok you don't need to read it to understand this one. And I love you all Thanks for staying with me through the year. And it's the one year anniversary today! Wooo-hooo!