Human: Ok, And my name's Tyler


Jenna: Let's get to walking *grabs Tyler's hand and runs toward the door*

Tyler: S-slow down!

Jenna: When it comes to shopping I will not slow down!

Tyler: This is going to be a long day…

Jenna: *smiles* I'm taking the car!

Drake: Ok… wait what?!

Jenna: *shuts the door*

Drake: I hope she doesn't wreck the car with him in it

*With Jenna and Tyler*

Jenna: Ok just be cool Jenna. Remember what you learned in driver's Ed

Tyler: Wait you just got your driver's licenses?

Jenna: Yea… but don't be afraid I'm good at driving

Tyler: Hopefully… What kind of car is this?

Jenna: Maxus 234 Xamp

Tyler: Huh?

Jenna: It's a new car trust me

Tyler: Oh… ok…

Jenna: I suggest putting your seatbelt on…

Tyler: nah I'm good

Jenna: I warned you

Tyler: Sure…

Jenna: *starts the car and drives off* There is something odd about him… Like he's hiding something…

Tyler: Miss Jenna is something wrong?

Jenna: Huh? Oh nothing really

Tyler: Ok sure…

Jenna: Tell me…

Tyler: Tell you what?
Jenna: What are you hiding?

Tyler: I can't tell you… *looks out window at all the demons*

Jenna: You owe me. I saved you didn't I?

Tyler: Ugh… Yes you did but… fine. I'm not the last human. There are many more. We stay hidden from all of you. You almost killed our race off. We are so scared of demons. When I was abducted by those professors I used a special bracelet that we made to tell them that I was attacked. And that is a sign that they need to move quickly. I understand that they got away but now I want to get back to them… But you will help me right? You know get back to my people

Jenna: No… You humans don't deserve to live… It was I who killed most of you humans… I was on a bloodlust rampage… I'm only keeping you so I can get my revenge on my mother and that's all. And if you're stuck in that stupid place then I wouldn't be able to kill you now would I?

Tyler: You… You killed most of us… But you're so young… Why would you even think of murdering us?

Jenna: I was a test subject too… But I was born not created… apparently I am not a normal demon… I am more than one demon… I'm part wolf I know that for a fact… but when I was there I heard things like I bet she's a vampire priestess too… Vampire priests are a very rare demon… my mother was a wolf and my father was a vampire priest… And at the middle they said a bunch of bad stuff about me and it made me go crazy and kill some of them. When I smelt their blood I was disgusted. I remembered about the war and went to join in to smell and taste human blood… After killing the first ten I went on a rampage for human blood… It tastes so good… By the time I was done almost all the humans were gone but I wasn't satisfied… The demons shot me down and paralyzed me until I could get a grip… They killed my father for making such a dangerous weapon… and mother was killed by humans in the war. I will never forgive humans… you people are evil… and I'm tired of losing everyone… onee-san and Macey are my real family but they are pure blood wolves… Now every wolf vampire priest is killed and they don't even hesitate to kill them…

Tyler: I'm so sorry… But why aren't you dead?

Jenna: I was being tested on by the professors… I was their test subject… I am able to live as long as I don't drink blood and used blood replacements. They aren't anything compared to the real thing… err I'm so thirsty now… *brings wrist to mouth and drinks her own blood* I do this if I don't have my replacements. We're at the mall let's go J

Tyler: Ok *opens door and gets out*

Jenna: *gets out* let's go to Masaya's first *lead him into a bad boy store* Are these the kind of clothes you like?

Tyler: Not really

Jenna: Well look around and tell me if you find anything you like *looks around* oh yea come with me *walks over to a phone station* Excuse me J

Phone service lady: Oh Mistress Jenna how good to see you again. Are you getting a new phone?

Jenna: No just getting one for a… friend of mine *she says reluctantly*

Phone service lady: Ok sir pick out a phone you like and we will get you started

Tyler: *looks around* this one *points at a touch screen phone*

Phone service lady: Ok that phone and a plan costs about… *types into her calculator* 456 dollars

Tyler: That's a lot of money!

Jenna: No it's not… Here's the card *hands card to service lady*

Phone service lady: This will be a couple minutes *slides card and gives it back* name?

Jenna: Thanks. And Tyler *gets out phone and starts texting her friends*

Tyler: Mistress Jenna… Thank you for being so kind

Jenna: It's the only way I can let you walk around alone

Tyler: Alone? You mean you won't be walking with me?

Jenna: No. I'm going shopping for some clothes of my own *Phone goes off: 1 new message from Boo 3 Miss Jenna*

Boo 3's cell to Jenna's Cell: Hey babe wut yu up 2?

Jenna's Cell to Boo 3's Cell: Nm just helping a friend pick out some clothes at the mall

Boo's Cell to Jenna's Cell: Awesome I'm at the mall too meet me at the fountain? Bring your friend ;)

Jenna's cell to Boo's cell: Ok meet you there in 10

Boo's cell to Jenna's cell: Why so long?

Jenna's cell to Boo's Cell: Reasons. Just trust me Hun

Boo's cell to Jenna's cell: Ok see you then

Phone service lady: Here's the phone and it's all set up

Jenna: Thanks *gives phone to Tyler and pulls him along* Ok were going to go to the fountain and I'm going to teach you to use that phone

Tyler: Ok thanks

*They walk to the fountain and sit down beside it and it took 2 minutes so she has 8 minutes until Boo comes. Time: 5:34*

Jenna: If you push the button on the top that turns the screen on from sleep mode. Then, you put your finger on the lock and slide it to the other side of the screen to unlock it

Tyler: Ok… Done

Jenna: Then do you see the thing at the bottom with the dice looking thing?

Tyler: Yea do I tap it?

Jenna: Yes then there will be a bunch of stuff you can look at. Go to the phone setting and then the about phone options and somewhere it will tell you your phone number. When you see it tell me *looks at time 5:37*

Tyler: Ok I'm there

Jenna: Ok tell me the number

Tyler: 4357767423

Jenna: Ok just one second…saved… and now message

Tyler: Umm what are you… *phone goes off: 1 new message from 4356669087*

4356669087 to Tyler: This is my phone tap the number and save it

Tyler: Ok… *taps number and taps save number* How do you spell your name?

Jenna: J-e-n-n-a

Tyler: ok I got it saved

Jenna: Ok well I'm going into that store real quick to buy me a new pair of shorts and a tank be right back *goes into a store* *5:41*

Tyler: Hmm I hope she's quick

?: Hi I'm Zake what's your name?

Tyler: I'm uh… Tyler

Zake: I'm waiting for my girl what you doing over here?

Tyler: Waiting for my friend to come out of that store *points to a store*

Zake: Cool that's my girl's favorite store

Tyler: That's cool oh and what kind of demon are you?

Zake: Well you are certainly curious now aren't you? I'm a fire fox *twitches ear*

*Bothe are turned away from the store Jenna is in. Jenna walks out of the store*

Jenna: I love these new shorts and tank I got… *looks over at Tyler talking to Zake* Zake-y! *runs to hug him*

Zake: *turns toward Jenna* Jenna! Babe! *holds out arms ready to embrace her*

*Jenna runs into his arms and kisses him*

Jenna: Hun this is my friend I said I was with

Zake: Oh. So this is the friend you were waiting for. That's cool, bro

Tyler: Yea… Jenna I'm going to go find some clothes text you when I find something I like

Jenna: Ok see you later

Zake: Yo, bro let me come with you

Tyler: Ok sure

Jenna: Have fun you two J

Zake: We won't babe J *kisses Jenna* let's go bro

Jenna: Bye guys *Walks to the candy store* Ha-ha I hope those boys be good

Boy: Hey Jen

Jenna: *turns around* -sigh- what do you want Mako?

Mako: Another chance. I have change I went to management

Jenna: Management won't help you not to hurt people

Mako: But I have changed *puts his hands on her shoulders*

Jenna: Mako I can't trust you anymore I'm sorry that was one thing that I cannot handle from any guy in the world. I have a new bf now. His name is Zake. You should be happy for me

Mako: I am happy for you I just want you to be happy with me and not him

Jenna: No Mako. I won't ever go back out with you *picks out blood red candy* hmm I wonder what kind I should get for Tyler… I'm just going to get some every color *picks a little of every color with lots of pink gummies*

Mako: Please Jenna. And who is Tyler?

Jenna: A friend *pays for the candy*

Mako: Ok. But please Jenna *Follows her around*

Jenna: No Mako *walks to a weapon store*

Mako: Jenna I need you in my life you don't understand

Jenna: *picks up an elemental whip* Mako you don't need me you want me. And not for the right reasons either you just want my brother to get you a place as a professor

Mako: No that's not it Jenna you don't understand. I want you for you… I didn't know what I had until you left

Jenna: And was it the right choice I made? Yes it was *puts whip down*

Mako: Please Jenna I'm begging

Jenna: No Mako *walks past a store and walks back* That would look good on Tyler *looks at Mako*

You two look about the same size I need you to try some stuff on for me

Mako: Anything you want. But please take me back

Jenna: No. *walks into store and gets out a shirt and puts it up to Mako's torso. She does that until she think it's the right size* hmm try this one on *hands him a couple of shirts* What size pants do you wear?

Mako: Why? And sure I will be right back

Jenna: Just tell me the size

Mako: 7's

Jenna: Ok now go try that on

Mako: Yes my princess *walks to changing area*

Jenna: Don't call me that

Mako: In a stall trying on the shirt: But you used to love it when I called you that

Jenna: Well I don't like it anymore. Here try these pants on too *hands pants from under the door* Come out when you have them both on

Mako: Yes my princess

Jenna: Stop that!

Mako: *walks out* It fits well. Ok fine I'm going to stop asking for now… but I'm going to follow you around until you leave

Jenna: Ok change back into your clothes. Do whatever you want just don't get in my way

Mako: As you wish J *changes back into his clothes* here's the clothes

Jenna: Thanks *pays for clothes*

Mako: Hey Jenna where is your…

Jenna: *Phone goes off: 1 new message from Tyler Mistress Jenna*

Tyler to Jenna: I found some cool clothes at Tucked and Slamed

Jenna to Tyler: What are you doing at that store?!

Tyler to Jenna: Zake brought me here. I think the clothes are pretty cool

Jenna to Tyler: Ok Be there in a minute

Jenna: Off to Tucked and Slamed

Mako: Why are you going there?

Jenna: To buy some clothes duh

Mako: But that's a store for bad boys/good boys…

Jenna: *puts hand to forehead* I know but he likes the clothes so I'm going to buy them

Jenna's Phone: 1 new message from Drake Miss Jenna

Drake to Jenna: Hurry up at the mall I need to get to the lab

Jenna to Drake: Ok we have one last thing to buy

Drake to Jenna: Hurry!

Jenna: We got to be fast *starts running to Tucked and Slamed*

Mako: Ok *runs with her*

They arrive at Tucked and Slamed

Jenna: Hmm where are they…

Zake: Over here Jenna!

Jenna: Hey boys J *walks over to them and kisses Zake*

Tyler: This is what I want *puts up a really cute outfit*

Jenna: Ok… *takes the outfit and pays for it*

Zake: I see you have the silver card. Still not allowed to use the gold card yet?

Jenna: Do you know how much money is on the gold card?!

Zake: A lot?

Jenna: Enough to buy you, your family and still have billions left

Zake: Wow

Jenna: We have to go Tyler Onee-san needs the car *pulls Tyler out to the car*

Tyler: Why does he need to take the car?

Jenna: Who knows…?

They arrive back at the house

Macey:*walks out of house* hurt

Jenna: MACEY!

Macey: gasping for breath: Save big brother… please *faints…*

Jenna: Not Onee-san… NO! *a purple light comes from her heart* no one is dying on my watch!


Author's Notes: Heh-heh I got carried away on this one sorry it's so long… I loved typing this. It was fun J anyways… until next time. Black Love FOREVER!