Macey: gasping for breath: Save big brother… please *faints…*

Jenna: Not Onee-san… NO! *a purple light comes from her heart* no one is dying on my watch!


Tyler: Whoa that spiritual pressure is high… Is this the pressure of an S-Class Demon?

Jenna: NO ONE IS DYING! *wings come from her back and horns form on her head. A bow and arrows appear on her back* Macey… keep your eyes closed and tell me where Onee-san is

Macey: *wakes up* He's in the… underground lab….

Jenna: Tyler, make sure Macey doesn't die. I'm going after Onee-san *She bursts into the house and leaves to find her big brother*

Tyler: Come on now Miss Macey let's get you to a hospital

Macey: But they will… try to harm you…

Tyler: Miss Macey I need to keep you alive. So first let's get your wounds bandaged

*With Jenna*

Jenna: *throws open secret doors leading down stairs, closes her wings and quietly walks down*

Drake: Please… let me go…

Demon Bandit: You really think we're going to let you go?

Demon: We want the human. Now where is he?

Jenna: Get your filthy low class hands off my brother

Demon Bandit: And who is this fine lady?

Jenna: I am Soulsa, the S-Class Demon inside Jenna. How dare you touch my brother! *shoots an purple arrow at them and hits the bandit*

Demon Bandit: You think priestess skills can kill me?

Soulsa: That didn't work… All well didn't want to come to this *Unfolds wings* Die you filthy low lifes! *she charges at them and uses her wings to cut the demon bandit in half*

Demon: You're a Vampire Priestess!

Soulsa: Now you see what I am. So you must die! *pieces heart with her hand*

Drake: Soulsa… When did you come back?

Soulsa: As soon as Macey told me you were in trouble…

Drake: Jenna has to come sometime… Its time you go

Soulsa: Yes you're right *wings and horns disappear and she faints*

Drake: Jenna are you okay?

Jenna: Yea I'm fine. How about you?

Drake: I'm fine but how has Soulsa gotten stronger?

Jenna: Her love to keep everything precious to me alive is getting stronger… I don't think its very long until I don't have the strength to keep the body under control

Drake: I think I need to take you to the lab

Jenna: I'm fine. Please don't take me back

Drake: *rubs where horns were* They're starting to appear. The human is going to be scared of you if Soulsa takes over

Jenna: So your saying I need to find the humans before Soulsa takes over?

Drake: No if you find them first we won't be able to test on them I suggest taking your pills. I know that you haven't been taking them. I saw them under the couch

Jenna: Drake those pills drive me crazy! Err… It's hard to stand up

Drake: This is why you take those pills

Jenna: I don't need the freaking pills!
Drake: Jenna calm down

Jenna: I don't need to calm down I'm fine!

Drake: *grabs some medicine in a needle and injects it into Jenna's arm*

Jenna: I'm sorry…..

Drake: We put Soulsa inside of you to make sure she is contained. She is about to get out and that body will become useless. The body itself will die if she takes over

Jenna: I don't want that to happen Onee-san *starts to cry*

Drake: You just have to stay strong for a little bit ok? I'm going to get you to the lab *picks up Jenna and carries her out of the house and into the car* Jenna's soul is fading little by little. Even though she stopped taking the pills last week her soul is disappearing faster than ever.

Jenna: Is something wrong big brother?

Drake: No… Nothing's wrong…

Jenna: I'm going to take a nap *falls asleep*

*Drake and Jenna make it to the lab. Jenna is put into a security surgery room* *Outside the room*

Drake: Zack, is Jen going to be ok?

Zack: There's no telling her body is in a state of war. She could win she could lose. If she wins she will remain normal. If she loses... Let's not get into that

Drake: Da** I can't let her die. Is there any other that can take her spot and control Soulsa?

Zack: You know if we take Soulsa out we will have to kill her

Drake: Da** it! *Slams fists onto table* How could this happen?

Zack: Her body is going under a lot of emotional pressure. She mentally is going crazy.

Drake: How? She seems normal at home

Zack: She may seem normal on the outside but on the inside….

Jenna: Big brother I want to see Macey

Drake: Do you know where she went?

Jenna: Soulsa told me Tyler took her to the hospital

Zack: You are able to hear Soulsa without meditating?

Jenna: Yes. Soulsa and I have been able to that for a while now

Drake: Why didn't you tell us?

Jenna: I thought it was normal

Drake: Well it isn't

Zack: Drake you know what this means right?

Drake: The souls are combining

Jenna: Drake what does that mean?

Drake: Have you ever wondered what you look like when Soulsa takes over?

Jenna: Yes! I bet I look really cool! :)

Drake: I guess you could say that

Zack: Jenna when the souls combine you won't look like you do now

Jenna: Drake… Will I look scary?

Drake: Jenna…

Jenna: I will wont I!

Zack: In conclusion… Yes

Jenna: I don't want to be scary Onee-san :(

Zack: Jenna keep calm please!

Jenna: I won't keep calm!

Drake: Soulsa stop

Soulsa/Jenna: I will not stop! I don't want to be scary!

Zack: She's accelerating the soul combination!

Drake: Jenna you need to calm down

Soulsa/Jenna: No Drake I won't calm down!

Zack: Drake the spiritual pressure is rising!

Drake: Soulsa if you combine the souls then Jenna wouldn't be normal. Macey would be scared of her. She would never want to be around Jenna. Everything Jenna worked so hard to keep will leave her. Do you know how much that would hurt her? It will hurt her a lot

Soulsa: If I do the combination it will save her life. She will have the choice of when she wants to change. It will take a few days for her to wake up though. I have to save her! * continues the combination *

Zack: Save her?

Drake: What do we know about the combination?

Zack: Nothing sir…. We know nothing but what's in the ancient Book of Relics. But no one can read the…

* A flash of light blinds everyone and when the light has subsided Jenna is replaced with Soulsa *

Drake: Jenna….

Zack: Soulsa… She did the combination…

Drake: I guess we have to wait and see how she is when she wakes up…

Zack: I'm sorry Drake…

6 days later:

Zack: Drake get over here!

Drake: What is the matter?

Zack: Jenna's heart rate is quickening!

Jenna: Big… brother?


Authors Notes: I just got over my writers block. And when I get over my writers block I get the best ideas ever! I guess you didn't expect this little twist did you ;) Anyways. Until next time! Black Love forever!