I've temporarily banned myself from writing on Deviantart (Something about the end of the world and how I'll be right here on Saturday, or something) but I really want to rant, so I take my ranting self over to the place where I can be free with my feelings! No, not the Therapist, THEY WILL TAKE AWAY MY AWESOME DEMIGOD POWERS! Sorry, I get most of this off of profiles, please forgive me. I mean, Here.

Please don't read this if you think you might get offended, but really I'm fighting AGAINST stereotypes.

There are two kinds of people.

The kind that thinks blondes are dumb, and the kind that doesn't.

Then there's me.

I'm the kind of girl who is blond and teases that that's why she is stupid, even though she knows she isn't.

Some people say You're not stupid and neither are blonds!

Most of them are brunettes. (I'm looking at you Ava- not real name- Lincoln.)

But others will laugh and joke with me.

Those are the ones that are actually blond.

Another thing- apparently gingers are soulless.

My brother is a ginger.

He has a soul.

He prefers not to show it, but he does.

And I know Becca is a ginger, I'm sure SHE has a soul.


Another thing.

Just because I'm religious, or white, or smart, or spend way to many hours on the computer, who are you to judge whether or whether or not I have a life?

I don't...


You won't see me judging you.

Well, maybe you will.

But I'm not perfect, and I'm sorry okay?

Why do we judge each other?

We're equals!

We're both







And close. Thank you. I'm sorry if you read it and didn't like it, but keep your mouth shut anyway.