"Belinda, have you heard any of what I just said?" roared the housekeeper, flaring her nostrils at the apprentice maid.

Snapping her eyes away from the scurrying mouse, she nodded her head desperately, "Mop the floors, tidy the closets and stay away from the china cabinet!"


"If I see the Lady of the House, I curtsey and stay silent."

"Well done. Now get to work and come to the servant hall afterwards for cooking, we'll all be helping the cooks tonight, there's a big celebration tonight."

Belinda peered back to the mouse hole, falling to her knees curiously as the housekeeper marched off to the kitchens. Drumming the tips of her fingers against the floorboards, she hissed a familiar name.

"Gonnu! Bring that back to the Lady's quarters right now!"

The mouse perked its nose into the open hole, twitching its sensitive whiskers. Followed by the alerted sniffing was the button shaped face of Gonnu. Gonnu was a common brown mouse, born and raised in the attic of Ivory Manor. In his tiny mouth, he clutched an opal earring.

"Gonnu, if someone notices it's missing; the servants will be accused of stealing!" Belinda scowled furiously; Gonnu had recently earned the harassment of gardeners for pulling up the posies.

He was infamous among the helpers, yet only an excuse to the prosperous family.

"If you won't put it back, I'm going to find every mouse hole in the house and stuff them with old socks."

That depends if I can even find another one, thought Belinda.

**This is just an introduction, will be defining characters before continuing, this was simply freewritten.*