One. An odd introduction.

HELLO. Sorry. Perhaps I should speak in your tongue. This quill can write everything in any language, but it does not trans…. How did you humans say it? TRANSLATE is how we say it. I believe your word is translate. Ironically, that's what I just did. Well, I must have forgotten my manners. I am QUR'AKI. Odd name for you. Qur'aki.

To get straight to the point, Murasavi marches for Fortav. The city will be under siege by dawn. To stop him, I must tell you the way to the mother world. Murasavi got here quite by accident, and he seeks to control all worlds, starting here, in TORNAGA. Tornaga will not last long under his assault without heroes.

Perhaps I should give a description of Tornaga. Tornaga is the most beautiful land in all the worlds. Lying in the center of each half of our beautiful island is a City. Sparkling Fortav and Dismal Hainor. No other land is visible from shores, and according to legend, WE ARE ALONE. Each side is a mirror copy of the other, one light, and the other dark. I will describe the light side, as the dark is a mirror image in purples, reds and black. Everything that produces light here absorbs it there.

There is a great forest; right near the center filled with slightly glowing trees with leaves the color of the sea that surrounds us. Tall craggy cliffs overlook chartreuse plains. The orange mountains are home to many caves and old mines. Most are abandoned, nothing having been found within the mountain. I call one of these wonderful caves home. Mine is about seven feet tall, six feet wide, and extends who knows how far into the mountain. My best guess is a mile or so. There is no damp, thanks to the arm bodies of creatures long since past that used to call this place home, just as I do know. An unusually tall tree stands in the middle of the forest, just visible from my cave. One branch on the tree is golden, and can turn the darkest of hearts to pure gold. The separation between the two halves is frightfully obvious, thanks to a stream diving the island in two, right between the light and dark ends. Halfway across the stream, clear green waters turn to a violent shade of purple.

In the forest on the opposite side, another branch exists, the color of obsidian. It can turn any person to the pure embodiment of evil. The branches have never been seized, nor has anyone dared attempt it, as both branches must be seized at the same time. Also, a heart of pure gold is not a good thing, and neither is pure evil.

There is only one way across the islands. There is a cave where the river originates, home to the portal to this land. It requires a great amount of power to open, power only created by the two sides colliding, the light side of the river, and the golden bough. Luckily, all sources of power are cancelled by the opposing entity of darkness, and I say luckily because if the portal were to open, anyone could enter our world. Furthermore, if a collision opened the portal, he extra energy would flow through and annihilate every other world in existence.

The river itself is deadly, not only to intelligent creatures, but every organism unfortunate enough to fall in. The side of light burns your life to a crisp, while the bark side freezes your soul. Both fates are unfortunate, to say the least, and both leave nothing but an empty shell behind. If you die in the river, you will not even get a proper burial as no one would dare venture to get you.

It is indeed a delicate balance we have in Tornaga, one side of the island cannot exist without the other.

Murasavi marches to control all this. I fly for the city. To give some backstory, I will share some memories of Murasavi and myself. I stole the memories of Murasavi from captured soldiers, and my memories are my own. I have not tampered with them, but some may not be perfectly accurate. Make haste, and may the gods be on your side. Maintaining this mind link will take it tool, and will certainly not help me in the upcoming battles, but it may help you. I am prepared to do anything for this land.