One Moment

I can't believe this.

Just yesterday we were in bliss.

Now, it is all gone.

I can't help but stare at the dawn.

I have not slept,

I can't bring myself to accept,

That just yesterday you were here.

Why did you have to disappear?

I will always remember the day.

It was a day filled with dismay.

I remember waking you from your bed,

Not knowing by the day's end, you would be dead.

I got you your usual breakfast of Cinnamon Toast Crunch,

and made sure I had packed your lunch.

I waved as you rushed out of the house,

You were dressed in jeans and a small blouse.

I never thought that would be the last time I saw you.

My heart rate flew.

I watched the TV as your school was attacked.

The whole incident was so abstract.

We were called and told where I could get you.

When I arrived, I knew something was askew.

Hours I seemed to have stood.

It was not long before I understood.

You were gone.

I drove home, nothing more than a pawn.

I could not bring myself to accept it.

I could not bring myself to admit.

On my bed I curled.

Wondering why you were taken from this world.

Tears streamed my face,

I felt as if I was floating in space.

Nothing mattered,

As my heart shattered.

The one who pulled the trigger, I can't help but despise,

As I struggle to choke back my cries.

In just one moment,

my entire world was broken.