outlaws and gypsies

the sparkle in my cappuccino eyes slowly fades into an unfinished poem as winter's ghost begins to haunt me- its cold lips upon my right cheek to greet me hello and its freezing fingertip on my mouth to hush my hasty goodbye.

my dusty keyboard plays an offbeat rhapsody with the steady cadence of my jaded fingers that you taught how to dance on this dead page, spinning to the rhythm of swiss army knife metaphors that come from your bruised discotheque mouth, but you've grown silent and these hands have become still for a long time now because there is no more music, only the beating of hearts that say so much more than words.

so i turn the radio on and crank it up into full volume as i scream in a mid-whisper in the middle of the afternoon b-b-but in the end, i am dying a little too much inside and you can find me lying on the bathroom floor with a blade in hand (not too sharp to kill but jagged enough to inflict a little pain) because i am not afraid to burn and i am not scared to learn how to fall all over again and crash head first to the ground without making a single sound and so i turn the radio on and crank it up into full volume as i scream in a mid-whisper.

you let your skin bleed over and over again but you still breathe oxygen in and feel the pain even if you're already frozen inside and you're still hoping and wishing and praying for fairytales not to end and leave you hanging onto the same wildflower dreams but i can still see faint sunspots in your seraph eyes that spell e-t-e-r-n-i-t-y even for just a moment, so please don't let them decay into sky lantern silhouettes buried where heaven and earth used to touch.

and like a serpent furtively tangled within wild vines, the ivy slithered up the iron gates inside my mind, obscuring yesterday from view but each recollection that resurfaced through my lungs and coursed into my veins was like peripheral poison, resembling juice from freshly squeezed oranges that stung my irises. i tried not to tear up though my eyes betrayed me. i sobbed like a child, cradling our memory in my arms.

with every shared breath and awkward hands,
we used to render time motionless
ever since my gypsy smile learned
how to tame your outlaw heart.