A/N: To be read to the tune of "Hallelujah," God bless you all :3 I live in Rhode Island, so this affected me too.

Dedicated to the families and dead loved ones in Newtown, Connecticut.

Maybe you loved me once

Before you made my heart go crunch

But now we don't exist to you, do we?

And it's not a pain, we can feel alright

It's not a hole to be filled with light

It's an empty void screaming, "Hallelujah!"

There once was a pain you felt inside

When we were there your pain would abide

But we left each other and then it all returned

And the memory will crash down as a wave

Relentlessly, day after day

Until they no longer utter "Hallelujah."

Your heart was weak and you needed love

You saw them lonely, white caged doves

A beauty forever longing to be freed

Tamed a spirit could never be

Even when you bowed on one knee

And the red provoked a desperate "Hallelujah!"





Rest in piece, oh lovely ones. We shall never forget you.