Like ripples on the water

It coursed through her vains

Overpowering her

Controlling her like a puppet on a string

Moving her limbs

An electric shock shook her

Her head began to bang back and forth against the thin, stale, air of the hang out

Her foot stomped the ground from inside it's oversize skateboarding shoe on it's own accord

Clenched into tight, sweaty, fists her hands pounded at some invisible being above her

As the others joined in the coarse movements

She began to scream

Rage melted away

Goosebumps raised and her heart pounded in her ears

The world fell away

The music ran through her

She was giddy

The dance commenced

Guitar and drums blew out her eardrums as the bass blew out the speakers

The lead blew his vocals out as teens rocked

The music coursed through her leaving ripples like a skipping rock

Sweat flew from her as she danced to the screamo

This is who she is

That quiet girl in the back of the room

tapping her pencil to a silent beat playing inside her head

A nerd popped out of her bubble