"To a self-sacrificing someone who gives, gives, gives and hardly ever receives. I can't imagine living without you," was the hand-written note on my package. I smirked, knowing full well where this mysterious gift came from. After all, who would go through so much trouble to make someone like me happy?

With precision and patience, I began to open the gift, imagining what I might find inside. It was a small piece. Of what, I wasn't sure at first. But upon closer inspection, I understood. Along with that piece, I found a second scrap of paper that read,

"This piece – your piece - is one of four. The other three are close at hand, always available for you as needed. You can always trust them, as they promise to care for you, encourage you, and love you as long as you live."

I shook my head. Honestly, what a strange man, giving me something like that. And yet, I couldn't keep that smile off my face.

Truly, spending time with our loved ones really seems to be meaning of the holidays.

"To a content little someone with dreams beyond my imagination. I can't imagine living without you," was what my package told me. A little something for me? How nice!

As gracious as can be, I opened up the little present, being very careful not to rip the paper. Inside the tiny box, there was an odd, broken piece, and with it, another note that said,

"This piece – your piece – is one of four. The other three love you with all their hearts, giving you their time and protection with anything you might need. They are brightened by the light of your smile, and will see to it that that darling little smile never fades."

Goodness, he's a thoughtful man, isn't he? It was a great present, but I couldn't wait to fit it together with the other pieces. I was sure it'd look absolutely lovely, given the beautiful design of the broken piece I had in my hand.

More strongly than ever, I really believe in the importance of family – that's the true gift of Christmas.

"To a beloved someone that might need a break, as well as a gentle reminder. I can't imagine living without you," was written on this little card attached to my package. Honestly, what kind of message is that? It actually made me think twice before opening it. Especially considering I knew who it came from.

Either way, something compelled me to open it. And inside was the strangest present I've ever received. Apparently, it was a chunk of teacup. That cracked fraction of a glass rested between the wrappings and a second note. Great, let's read this one;

"This piece – your piece – is one of four. The other three are those who will never forget you and your genuine heart. They promise to inspire you, teach you how to grow, and help you face anything this following year might have in store. They will continue to provide you with unconditional love. May you believe in that love and carry it with you."

I can't explain it. I couldn't understand why, but something made me smile then. At that pathetic teacup fragment I was holding, and the scrawled-out note that came with it. That guy…

Oh wait, I understand now. And now that I think of it, I guess people – friends and family - are really the reason for the season. Or something like that.

And all four pieces were together for the holidays. We all sat as a family, fitting ever-so-nicely as planned before the warmth of a heated fireplace.

Hopefully, my ever-witty notes and secret gifts I sent helped them to understand…? Why, with just one look at the mantle, one could see that gorgeous, little teacup, all mended back into shape. Although it had its few oddities about it, and there were a few marks along the edges – four pieces to be precise – those could easily be overlooked.

And before you say anything, honey; yes, I did plan a few other gifts for them. I'm not entirely cruel. But maybe this one will help them think. Gifts might be nice, and the spirit of giving is quite crucial in respect, but really, shouldn't this season be about thinking of the ones that mean the most to you?