This is a story about my son Harry. Harry is a precious little abandoned two month old baby I found on the hiking trail. Let's go on with the story.

Let's start with the beginning of the day. It was a beautiful, wonderful morning. My 3 year old son Levi was sleeping. He looked so peaceful, I didn't want to wake him up. So I let him be. I smiled and got on with the day.

My dad was sleeping as well. I made some breakfast (pickle sandwiches). I made two extra for Levi and my dad. I left them on the counter. I went on with the day.

I decided to for a walk. I stepped outside into the sunshine. It was so clear, i could hear the birds singing. I went to the pond with my fishing pole.

I sat down on a rock. It was a very spotted rock, with streaks of brown on it, but the rock was gray. I sat down and started fishing. Soon I felt a pull.

I yanked on the pole and the fish came up. It was a green fish, with spots on it that shone in the sunlight, as did it's scales. I think it was a bass fish. I'm not sure, though.

I let the fish go and I walked into the forest. The sun blinded me and I put my sunglasses on. I heard a cry. It sounded like a baby crying. I knew it was serious, so I ran. I prayed I wouldn't I find the baby dead.

The baby was propped up against a tree, screaming it's eyes out. It's face was red. I could tell it was a boy. I also new starving. I picked him up and rocked him until he fell asleep against my chest.

I carried him home, my feet shuffling. I needed to get him to a warm place. My dad needed to know about him. If I didn't do something soon, the baby would die.

I finally made it to the house. I opened the door and ran up the stairs, holding the baby tight so I wouldn't drop him. My dad was working in his office. I ran in.

My dad saw the baby. "Where did you find that child?" he asked me. "No time for questions," I said. "We need to get this baby warm, and fast."

My dad nodded. "You're right," he said. "Let's go." We ran down the stairs and into the kitchen. My dad got a kettle and started filling it with water. I sat down on the love bench and clutched the baby tight. There wasn't much time left.

The baby woke up and started to cry. "Shh," I said to it. "My dad is fixing a bath for you. You'll be fine in our care." My dad set the warm water on the kitchen table.

I gave the baby to dad and I ran upstairs. I went into my bathroom and began frantically searching through drawers and cabinets. Where was that newborn shampoo I used for Levi when he was a newborn? It had to be here somewhere. I found it. I grabbed a bar of soap as well and ran downstairs.

My dad was trying to rock the baby to sleep. I took the baby from my dad and put him in the water. We washed the baby and soon he was clean, dry, and warm.

I put him some pajamas. My dad woke Levi and put him in the car. We drove to the hospital. Levi kept asking me questions on the way that I couldn't answer.

We checked in at the hospital. A nurse called us in. We had some discussion about the baby's age. The nurse said the baby was about 2 months old, and it's mother probably abandoned it on purpose.

"Well," the nurse said with a deep breath, "congrats." I was shocked. "We're keeping him?" I said? The nurse nodded. "We can't do much else." "I'm naming him Harry. Harry Alejandro Beaver," I said.

My dad leaned close to me. "Your aunt Denise knew you wanted to keep Joey. Yet she begged to raise him as her own. Don't give in to her obnoxious begging if she wants to keep Harry. It's her own fault she never had children," he whispered. I smiled and nodded.

We brought Harry home. Harry evolved into the Beaver household quite fast. Even though he's only been here since Friday. Hahaha.

The recipe for pickle sandwiches is bread, turkey, mayonnaise, avocados, and the main ingredient, pickles.

The End

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