Peace is a hard thing to acquire. Even in countries like ours we can never fully obtain a peaceful state. We'll always have disagreements leading to fights, but isn't that human and aren't we all different? I personally feel the reason we don't have peace is, because we can never agree to disagree who is right and who is wrong. So to solve the age-old question what if we took away that one variable we fight so hard to keep; singularity.

Say we were all the same. We dressed the same, our hair was the same, we ate the same food, spoke the same language, and all liked the name John? We could agree with each other and make decisions which everyone would approve of. Wouldn't that be an ideal world? Where everyone can sit together civilized and open-minded to others thought's? There, I have solved the problem of world peace.

Unfortunately that isn't possible. There will always be someone wanting the carnage of war to fulfill their needs, albeit territorial gain or submit their ideologies over the people, or that guy in the black tailored suit making big bucks selling his supplies; like bullets and guns to both sides to gain more profit. And us, you, will never agree to everything that is said or done around you. That is what makes you, me, and everybody, different. We can't all work together, because it will always come to conflict with another. The only solution to world peace is to take away free thought. So, I have to ask you, is world peace worth our freedom?