At first, life was colour.

A whirling, swirling, mess of bright primary hues. The blur of the toy mobile, and cartoon hypnotist's eyes melting and moulding into one. Vivid, confusing, awe-inspiring…

And then the colour faded.

Lines were drawn; boundaries established. Black and White. Right and Wrong.

1+1=2 Right.

Biting my brother-Wrong.


But then the lines began to blur...

And I got my first taste of the tantalising gray-in all its varying shades. Standing on the middle ground was interesting, empowering, invigorating!

Yet that too did not last.

The colour began to seep back in-it had to. And life was colour again. But it was bigger now: the spectrum wider. The vivid colours ever present-yet overshadowed by a million in-betweens. There were countless tiny, intimate, inexplicable connections-like a web –where to pull on one was to pull on another.

There was more to see-and everything faded into gray.