Hello everybody! This is the pilot for a new story I'm wanting to try out and see the reception. Actually it's sorta the re-imagining of a story I had already begun a little over a year ago. There were a lot of elements of that story that I felt were sort of bleh and so I wanted to try out this, it's a drastic departure but it does have one prevailing element, ninjas!

Chapter 1: Pilot

On a quiet somber night, two young boys stood together on the terminal of a train station, waiting for their train to arrive so they could board. It was strange, there was only one train for their destination and it only ran at three o'clock in the morning. But the boys didn't have any choice in the matter, so they had gathered their things late in the night and now they waited, quietly. Their names were Sora and Kaoru Kagehana, brothers.

Kaoru was the younger brother at the age of ten, an elementary school student. He was sweet, innocent, and adorable. He had his father's light blonde hair and emerald green eyes. He tended to get pretty good grades in school and girls thought he was just to die for. He wore a comfortable pair of shorts and a loose t-shirt that he would sleep in. His eyes felt heavy and he was having trouble keeping them open. This was way past his bedtime. Once the train arrived he had every intention of curling up and falling asleep in his seat, it was going to be a pretty long trip anyways. Since there was only one train, it stopped at every stop along the way and it was a long distance. He yawned a little as he sat tiredly on the wooden bench, letting his legs swing freely underneath him.

Sora was the older at fifteen years old. He wore faded jeans, a blue shirt, and white slip on shirt over it. To be quite honest, there was nothing special or exceptional about him. He had average to below average looks with dark black hair and blue eyes and a pretty average build in terms of his body. In school his grades were mediocre at best. He wasn't stupid, but he had a bad habit of choking in important situations, such as exams. He also sucked when it came to sports. Needless to say, he was a loser. If he had one good trait, it was his role as a big brother. Ever since they were little, he had looked after Kaoru and taken care of him.

Of course…now Sora would be the only one who could take care of his brother. Their parents had died a week ago in an accident, leaving them alone. The funeral had been the day before, where they had met up with their extended family. Their uncle had offered them a place to stay far away, where he lived. That was why they were now sitting in this train station at three in the morning. Sora tried his best not to think about it and looked up when he felt Kaoru leaning up against his side. He looked down at his kid brother as he started to speak.

"Sora….I'm tired, and I miss mom and dad." Kaoru said in a drowsy half asleep voice. Sora could tell his little brother was exhausted. It had been an exhausting week for the both of them, physically and emotionally.

"I know….me too. I know you're tired, but the train is almost here. I promise." Sora said and put his arm around his little brother's shoulder. He had to look away when he had said 'me too'. He didn't want Kaoru to see the sad look on his face. He knew he had to be a strong big brother, for Kaoru's sake. Sora looked up relieved when he saw the train pull in to the station and stop in front of them. He patted Kaoru's shoulder and urged him on. The two of them stood up and grabbed their duffle bags and boarded the train.

The two brothers found the train to be completely empty so they had the place to themselves. They put their duffle bags up in the overhead compartments then sat opposite from one another in one of the small booths. At least the cushioning was nice and comfortable; Kaoru didn't even wait for the train to start moving before he laid down and curled up on his soft makeshift bed. Sora took off his white over shirt and folded it up so that Kaoru could use it as a makeshift pillow. Kaoru yawned a little and closed his eyes, "Good night, Sora." He said before falling right to sleep.

"Night Kaoru." Sora whispered and then grabbed a pair of small ear bud headphones and slipped them in to his ears and hit the shuffle button on his mp3 player that lay at his side. He had slipped it out of the pocket of his shirt before giving it to Kaoru. Sora then leaned his head against his arm which was propped up against the wall. His gaze looked outside the window as the train began to move. He looked at the city lights as they sped along their way, watching them get smaller and smaller the further away they went. This was goodbye to both their home and their former lives; heading to a place and life that would be new and foreign to them. If only they knew by how much though. "Dad…Mom….goodbye." Sora whispered, especially quietly so that Kaoru couldn't hear. He closed his eyes slowly and felt a single tear run down his cheek. He then leaned back against his seat as he listened to his music and drifted off to sleep himself.

"Oh CRAAPPP! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! I am so late!" exclaimed a young pretty girl as she rushed to get dressed and ready for school. Her name was Asuna and she had overslept yet again, a bad little habit of hers. She had sky blue tied in the back and amber brown colored eyes. She quickly stripped out of her pajamas and worked to get dressed in to her school uniform. She was having a bit of difficulty with her bra; it was giving her problems for some reason, probably because she was in such a hurry. "Gah! C'mon boobs! Work with me!" she shouted out.

Once her c-cup chest was secure in her modest white bra, she quickly put on her blue and white sailor girl uniform and blue knee high socks. She grabbed her book bag but paused when she noticed something on her desk, a small kunai knife. She couldn't forget that so she quickly grabbed it and slipped it in to her bag then went for the stairs. Once in the hall she couldn't help but noticed that the once vacant room beside hers now had furniture in it, along with two futons on the floor. 'Hmm, new girls?' she thought to herself quietly then reached the staircase.

She had no time to waste so she jumped down to the first floor and landed gracefully, barely making a sound. She then rushed in to kitchen where the owner of her apartment home was. "Good morning! Itadakimasu! Gotta go, bye!" Asuna called out in a quick almost incomprehensible voice as she grabbed a piece of toast that had just popped out and put it in her mouth. She kept the piece of toast in her mouth as she pulled on her shoes in the entry way then rushed off to school.

"Hehe, good morning Asuna-chan. Good luck." The woman said with a small giggle and a pleasant smile. She was pretty married woman in her thirties. She had shoulder length deep violet hair and matching eyes. "Ah that girl, she never changes. Now, that all of the girls are out of the house I need to get everything prepared for our new tenants."

Asuna slid along the floor of the school hallway to a stop in front of her classroom and quickly pulled it open and dashed in before the sensei had arrived. She sat at her desk and threw her hands up in the air in triumph. "Woo! I made it!" she declared happily.

"Congratulations, Asuna. But one day you're going to run out of luck and the teacher is going to catch you." A nearby girl named Natsumi said. Natsumi was a sweet pretty girl with long silky dark hair that went down to the middle of her back and blue eyes. Natsumi was the kindest girl you would ever meet, but could sometimes be a tad too naïve and innocent.

"Hehe yep! And I can't wait for that day so that I can get a good laugh. Good luck, cousin." came a voice from the girl who was sitting in the seat behind Asuma. The girl's name was Sakura; she was Asuna's cousin and had short shoulder length chestnut brown hair and green eyes. Sakura was one of the most athletic girls in the school and excelled in many different sports and other physical activities. She also had a natural competitive streak.

"Yeah yeah, whatever. So what's the focus of today's class? I kinda forgot." Asuna asked curiously.

"Today is Ninpo. I believe we have a quiz on it." said another girl who was sitting in front of Natsumi. Her name was Kaede. Like Natsumi, she had dark black hair but hers had a lot of body and wavy form to it whereas Natsumi's was naturally straight. Kaede by many girls in the school was described as 'Ms. Perfect'. She seemed to have it all. Looks, brains, popularity, and was the head of the student council as well.

"Aww! I suck at ninpo!" Asuna groaned.

"Me too!" Sakura said from behind her and put her head on the top of her desk in disappointment.

"Well you know, if you girls would just study a little more on it then it wouldn't be so bad. You know we all live under the same roof." Kaede reminded them as she pulled her notebook out of her bag and prepared for class as the teacher walked in.

Sora and Kaoru both sighed in relief as the train finally came to a stop; they had reached their destination after being on the train for almost half a day. It was now around two in the afternoon. The two eagerly grabbed their bags and got off the train, loving the feeling of returning to their sleepy legs and some fresh air. The two of them looked around the new foreign time spread out before them. It was a lot different from the city they were used to, that was for sure. They were going to try to go find their uncle's home but then their stomachs both growled. The two of them decided to go ahead and grab some food first, they were starving. Afterwards they tried to find the address they were looking for but had some problems.

Asuna eagerly walked along the road towards home for the day. It was now about three and she hadn't had anything to do once school had ended. Sakura wanted to stay behind and play a game of soccer, Kaede had student council, and Natsumi had clean up duty that day. She didn't know where Suki was but had a few ideas, although she didn't want to think about that. As she walked along though she noticed a pair of boys wandering around; she hadn't seen them before and this town was very 'exclusive' to say the least so it was a little unusual for her to see some strange faces. She eventually just shrugged it off and went back to large house she lived in as a tenant. She had gotten all sweat in gym class and wanted to take a nice warm bath. She was in such a hurry that she didn't notice a small white note near the doorway.

After getting lost for a while, Sora and Kaoru FINALLY found the right address. The two of them looked at the large two floor house in awe and gave at the same time said out a long slow, "Wow."

"Are Uncle and Auntie rich, Sora?" Kaoru asked curiously.

"Uhh, I don't know to be sure. It almost looks like an inn or apartment or…something. Maybe more than one family lives here." Sora said with a shrug. "Oh well, c'mon let's head on inside." Kaoru nodded and the two brothers walked in together and slipped off their shoes at the entry way. Neither of them noticed the girl's school shoes there as well. They were both a little too exhausted from the trip.

Kaoru noticed a small piece of paper taped to the door way inside and grabbed it and held it up. "Hey Sora look, a note." Kaoru said and opened it up. The two brothers looked it over together, it was from their aunt. It said that she had gone out to the grocery store for a little bit and would be back soon. It also told them which room was theirs. Their things had been delivered that morning apparently.

The two boys walked upstairs and found their room and started to look around. Their things were still sealed inside some cardboard boxes that had been stacked up in one of the corners of the room. "Hm, this is pretty nice. What do you think, Kaoru?" Sora asked curiously.

"I LOVE it!" Kaoru said, throwing his hands up in the air happily and began to explore through the room and the furniture and everything else. Sora laughed a little at his younger brother's enthusiasm, it was quite uplifting to him. Sora then thought for a moment and lifted one of his arms up and sniffed a little. He really wanted a quick shower. He walked over to the boxes and began to rummage through them until he found some of their bathroom things such as soap and a towel.

"Hey Kaoru, I'm going to go take a quick shower, alright?" Sora said and walked over to the door.

"Okay!" Kaoru called out while he looked through the boxes for something, Sora thought he heard him talking about some game.

Sora slipped his shirt off and left it in the room since it seemed no one was in the house at the moment. It was strange to him; this was such a big house but no one was there. It then left his mind, not thinking too much of it. He carried his towel and a bar of soap towards the bathroom but then stopped in front of the closed door when he noticed the lights were turned on underneath the door. "Uncle, is that you? We've arrived." Sora called out and then reached forward to open the door but stopped when it was pulled open from the other side.

Asuna had just gotten out of the shower and now found herself standing in the bathroom doorway soaking wet wearing nothing but a light blue towel wrapped around her body. She had both of her hands in her hair, holding it up and her hair tie between her teeth. She had stopped in her tracks when she found herself face to face with the same boy from on the street a little while earlier.

"Y-you're not….Uncle." Sora stuttered, blushing deeply. His eyes were wide with surprise. The two of them stared at each other for a moment, both of them blushing deeply. That was when Asuna's towel got loose and fell from her body, leaving her bare. The two of them blushed more and couldn't stop their eyes from going down south. "You're definitely not Uncle….Ah….I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to look!" Sora exclaimed nervously.

Asuna clinched her fist and gritted her teeth. "You…..you GIANT PERVERT!" She yelled then gave a perfect roundhouse kick to Sora right in the face that sent him flying backwards.

As Sora fell backwards time seemed to slow down a little for him. When she had kicked him all he could think was, 'I saw…..everything.' He then hit the ground and slid backward along the smooth hardwood floor.

Asuna quickly put her hair up then picked up her towel from the ground and wrapped it around her body, concealing her curvy form once again. She then looked down at the pervert on her floor and slowly started to walk towards him. "You've got some nerve following me in to my own home just to peep on me! I'll show you just how stupid it is to try and peep on a kunoichi!" Asuna threatened.

"What? Kunoichi? What are you talking about? And I swear! I didn't follow you in here." Sora told her. He was starting to think that his uncle had written down the wrong address.

"Yeah sure! Like I'm gonna believe that. Quit trying to weasel your way out of this and take your punishment like a man!" Asuna replied with anger filled eyes as she came closer and closer. Her eyes widened in shock though when she accidentally fell on the bar of soap Sora had dropped on the floor. She let out a small cry and slipped and fell forward towards him.

"Look out!" Sora called out and caught her in his arms as she fell, easing her impact but the fall still made him fall back flat on his back on the floor. He groaned a little then looked up at her. "Hey, are you alright."

"Yeah….I'm okay." Asuna said then noticed she was lying on top of the topless boy and blushed, slowly picking herself up on to her hands. She looked down at the boy who laid underneath her. "How about you?" She asked. She hadn't noticed it but….he was kind of cute. He had also been worried about her even when she had just kicked him in the face. The two of them stared at each other's eyes for a moment in silence. But that stopped when Asuna's towel fell off yet again making the two of them blush even more. But that wasn't the worst of it.

"Oh my!" the two of them heard Natsumi cry out and looked over to the entry way of the front door to see four girls standing there in shock. Natsumi was blushing and covering her eyes with her hands, but she was peeking between her fingers.

"Ah, so this is why Asuna came home before us, hehe. Nice!" Sakura said with a small grin and gave a thumbs up to her cousin.

Kaede blushed a little and looked away, "And in the floor of the living room. Really Asuna, have some restraint."

"Asuna! I'm shocked and appalled. How could you be inconsiderate and hide your boy toy from me? How long have you two been doing these things, and I why didn't you ever invite me?!" The other girl said, then gave a playful wink to Sora. That was Suki, she was the fifth and final girl who also lived in this house. She had long golden blonde hair and amber colored eyes with long smooth legs and seductive curves. She was a natural flirt and loved to tease both boys and girls.

"What in the world are you girls talking about!?" Asuna exclaimed, her face was bright red being thoroughly embarrassed and scrambled to cover herself once again with her towel. "Now help me beat the crap out of this filthy little perv!" Asuna declared and kicked Sora once again, sending him rolling.

"What did I do to deserve this!?" He asked as he hit the wall and tried to get to his feet.

"Hehe, if you say so Asuna, but you were the one who was on top of him, you know." Suki teased with a small laugh.

"It's not like that! I slipped and fell while I was trying to kick his ass. That's all." Asuna told them. Then walked over to a nearby table and unsheathed a sharp ninja blade that had been laying on the table.

"Oh geez, c'mon! That's just excessive. Can't we talk?" Sora asked as he quickly stood up and started to slowly back away, trying to find an escape.

"There's nothing to talk about!" Asuna said with a smirk and started to move towards her target.

"Wow! What's going on down here?" Kaoru asked, he had come from his room and was sitting on the top step of the stairs looking at everyone. "Whatever it is, it sure looks fun! Are you all playing a game?" He asked with a big smile.

Asuna looked up at the small boy then turned back to Sora with an annoyed expression, "Really? You brought a little kid with you to peep? You really are a sick bastard, you know that?"

"This is all a big mistake!" Sora told her defiantly. "If you would just let me explain…"

"Explain to this!" Asuna said and ran at him with her sword at the ready. She made a long horizontal slash at him but then was surprised when the boy slid underneath the attack at the last second. 'Whoa, that was a pretty good move… for a pervert.' She thought to herself.

"Wow, how'd I manage that?' Sora thought to himself as he slid under the razor sharp blade and then looked up at his brother, "C'mon Kaoru! Let's run for it!" he called out.

Sakura stepped up with a smirk and said, "So, you decided to go peeking on my cousin, huh? You've got some big brass ones. But let's see how you like this, Sakura Punch!" the tomboyish girl cried out and raised her fist, ready to strike but stopped at the last moment when she heard someone cry out.

"Hey hey hey! What the hell is going on in here?" Came the voice from a man standing in the doorway holding some bags of groceries. He had short dark hair that was starting to subtly gray, giving him an air of wisdom.

"Oh! You've all already met, how wonderful!" The landlady who stood near her husband said with a small smile then noticed Asuna wearing a towel and her nephew shirtless. "My my, perhaps you two have met a little too much. Hehe."

"What the? Aunt Misato? Uncle? Oh thank God." Sora said in relief and then fell to the floor on his butt.

"Uncle! Auntie Misato!" Kaoru called out happily and ran downstairs to hug them both.

"Wh…what? Auntie? Uncle? What's going on?" Asuna asked, looking around very confused.

I originally planned for this chapter to go longer but I feel like this is an okay place to stop it right now. I'm currently busy with other projects at the moment so I'm not sure how often this story will be getting updated. Like I said, this is just sort of an experimental story. Kinda combining two different stories together. This is my first time writing out a harem like story such as this, well at least the first time since like eight years ago! O.O What'd everyone think? It's probably pretty cliche for now but if you had any thoughts then please leave a review or send me a PM or whatever you'd like.

Next time on My Lovely Kunoichi: Sora and Kaoru's uncle has offered them a place in their home but that doesn't mean everyone is alright with the idea. Will the all female tenants agree with the idea or will they demand these two orphans be kicked to the curb? Also, why in the hell are there swords, shuriken, and kunai in this house and what is this strange town? Who are the townspeople? All will be found out next time.