It was a quiet sunny morning in the ninja town and two men sat outside one of their homes and quietly played a game of shogi. One of the men had a short goatee beard on his chin and wore a blue men's kimono while the other elderly man had long grey hair tied in a pony tail and wore a black kimono. The two men sipped tea together as they looked over the board, planning their next moves. "So, I heard that Taro and Saya's boys are now living with your son and daughter in law in that large house of theirs." The man wearing black said as he moved one of his wooden pieces across the board.

The man in blue nodded at the question and rubbed his chin as he looked down at the board closely. "Yes, that's right. They arrived yesterday I believe. It seemed like a good fit, there was a room available and they are family after all. I know it might not be what our kids wanted for their sons originally, but it would have been cruel to turn our backs on them and leave them with nowhere to go."

"Perhaps, yet I noticed that you failed to inform me of this arrangement. Did it slip your mind?" The old man in black said; there was a slightly accusing tone in his voice. "Tell me, how do you expect them to adjust here when they were never trained as ninja? More importantly, those two are successors to both of our lines and yet you just decided to take them both in without any thought to the balance of this town and our factions? You're trying to pull them to your clan, aren't you?"

The old man in blue moved one of his pieces along the board and said, "You have it all wrong. This isn't about the town, or our clans' arrangement. As for them not being raised as ninja, they should be enrolling in school today. It may be hard at first, and they may be inexperienced; but they're our kin. Being ninja is in their blood, so they should be fine."

The old man in the black kimono looked down at the move and rubbed his head, frustrated he hadn't seen that coming then moved another of his pieces. "Nonsense. It has everything to do with our clans. We have our agreement to keep the balance but now with those boys here, things are sure to be thrown in to disarray."

The man in blue sighed a little and replied, "This is exactly why our children left this village and raised those boys the way they did. They did not want them to become the objects of some tug of war between our families. Taro and Saya did not want that for their sons when they were alive, and I am sure they do not want it now in the afterlife. Out of respect for the dead, we should honor their wishes." He then smirked a little and moved his piece and added, "And that's game."

The old man in black looked down at the board closely, looking for any sort of counter move he could make. He then smiled and nodded a little. "Yes, I suppose you are right. Taro wouldn't want that. And they are our grandchildren; we should do what is best for them and the town. So then, how much do they know? And what would you suggest we do, old friend?"

"Hmm, I believe they know now that their parents were both ninja, and that our town is a ninja home. As for the fact that our two families our rivals who reside over the town in balance, that is another story entirely. Personally, I think that's for the best. No need to burden them with these details, at least not so soon after their parents' deaths. So what do you say, best two out of three?" The old man in blue asked with a confident smirk on his face.

The old man in the black kimono chuckled a little and nodded, "Of course, have you ever known me to give up? As for the boys, I think it's important they know the truth eventually. Besides, there is no way to hide it from them for long. Not when the entire town is a part of one side or the other. All I ask for my side of the family is that you not try to coerce them to your side. In other words, if they wish to come live with our clan then do not interfere. Let the two of them decide for themselves which of the two clans to become part of, if at all, and then to which they will become heirs."

"I agree, it's what our kids would have wanted." The old man in the blue kimono said as the two of them reset the shogi board and began a new game.

Sora walked along the side of the street with Kaoru, the two of them were wearing school uniforms; Sora wearing the local high school uniform and Kaoru the elementary uniform. Uncle had decided to enroll them in the local elementary and high school. No big deal, the two brothers expected for them to go to school wherever they were. But this wasn't any ordinary school. It was ninja school, and the two of them had no idea what to expect. Of course Kaoru wasn't worried at all since he pretty much always had a carefree attitude. Sora however couldn't say the same. If he had been some sort of jock or sports star in normal school then maybe he would feel better about it. Too bad he had always sucked at sports, so he figured he wouldn't be very good at….whatever was going to go on at this ninja high school.

Sora looked ahead of him at the five girls walking a little ahead of him and his little brother as the girls chatted amongst themselves; in this situation they all looked like normal schoolgirls. Sora and Kaoru were following them since they didn't know where to go. Sora smiled a little and thought to himself that at least it wasn't all bad, it turned out he was now living and going to school with five very pretty girls.

Asuna looked over her shoulder at the two boys behind her and noticed Sora looking at them and she frowned a little, "Hey! What are you looking at, perv?!"

Sora was snapped out of his thoughts and looked up at the fiery kunoichi and said, "What? Nothing. I'm just following you, that's all."

"Hehe, oh really? Well Sora, if you want to check me out anytime then just ask. No need to be sneaking about it." Suki said with a seductive smile and swayed her hips in a slow rhythmic alluring manner.

"Mhm, sure. By the way, don't think you can hang around with us at school just because we live in the same house. We don't need some talentless newbie making us look bad by association." Asuna told him.

"Sheesh Asuna, what's the deal with you two? You fight like a married couple or something." Sakura said as she held her book bag over her shoulder lazily. The girls talked quietly enough so that the two boys behind them couldn't listen in.

"We do NOT! But c'mon, we all know that loser is going to make a giant fool of himself today. Those two have never had any ninja training at all, and they're expected to just waltz right in to the school? Kaoru-chan should be alright since he's just in grade school, but it's going to be a massacre for that baka."

"But in that case then shouldn't we try to help him out?" Natsumi asked sweetly.

"I agree, as head of the student council I can't stand by and let a new student just sway in the wind, especially when they need help." Kaede said in her usual dignified voice.

"That's all well and good, but there's nothing we could do to help someone like him out." Asuna said then shrugged a little.

To say that Sora's first day of ninja school was strange would be the biggest understatement of….ever. While ninja high school looked the same as any other high school in Japan in appearance, they were nothing alike in terms of curriculums. Classroom based classes consisted of normal subjects but also things such as 'ninja history'. Sora had heard of almost nothing at all in that class before, but you had to give the ninjas credit where credit was due. They were quite capable of hiding all of their activities and history from outsiders. There were also lessons on ninpo, ninja magic, which again Sora knew nothing about so he was completely lost in that class as well. There was an anatomy and health class that consisted of teaching how to attack the weak points of a human's body as well as discussing poisons, toxins, and types of cures and antidotes. It was like the ninja version of health and chemistry mixed in to one. Too bad Sora sucked at both subjects. Then there was a class dedicated to strategy and tactics. Strangely enough, that class seemed to 'click' with Sora for some reason. The girls even had a special elective class in the art of seduction; it was Suki's best subject.

Of course, all of that could just be considered book and study based learning. Sora didn't truly make a fool of himself until it came to the more hands on and active classes. Such as hand to hand combat and weapons training It also wasn't as if they other guys were taking it easy on him either. In fact, once they had seen that the new guy was pretty much pathetic, they decided to have themselves some fun with just making him look worse. . Asuna and the other girls had watched the embarrassment and she had called it, 'Getting his ass handed to him'. It was so pathetic that it became hard to watch and even Asuna started to think to herself that it was borderline cruel.

The five girls were actually surprised though that after school, Sora hadn't voiced even a slightest complaint, even though he had made a fool of himself in almost every class and gotten knocked around quite a bit by some of the other male students. There was one thing though that Sora did that was quite smart, even if he hadn't done it intentionally. He had never mentioned where he was living. He didn't know it at the time, but the girls he lived with were quite popular amongst the male students of their school.

Sora met up with Kaoru after school was out and the two boys walked back to their uncle's home together along with their roommates. When Kaoru went up to their room, Sora looked over at the girls and asked, "So um, just how bad was I today? How much did I suck?"

"Well umm….hehe, you…..did your best! That's what counts." Natsumi said with a warm smile. She didn't have it in her to be brutally honest, and in this case not honest at all.

"Your resolve was…enduring. I was impressed by the way you didn't give up." Kaede added. Her upbringing had taught her to be proper and diplomatic in all situations. She was really glad at that moment that she was able to quickly think up a response on her feet. It hadn't been easy.

"Enduring. That's a good word for it. You showed you have endurance today, and I love guys that have endurance. Minute men are just not worth it, if you know what I mean." Suki said with a small laugh then nudged Asuna a little against her boob which made Asuna blush a bit. "You know what I mean, right Asuna?"

"Cut it out!" Asuna exclaimed as she jumped back, "I swear Suki, you're like a dirty old man sometimes. And yeah, you were a complete failure."

"Hehe, yeah you kinda sucked. Well okay, you sucked a lot. But hey, you're a newbie. It's to be expected." Sakura said with a small smile as she sat out on one of the couches in the living room.

"Gee uhh, thanks everyone." Sora said then grinned a little, "It's cool though, I knew it'd be that way. I'm no ninja, that's for sure."

"No, you're really not. But don't beat yourself over it. Don't give up." Asuna said then went upstairs to her room. The other girls soon did the same. Sora was about to do the same but stopped when he saw his aunt pop her head out from the kitchen.

"Sora, could you do me a favor. I need a few things from the store but can't go there at the moment. Do you think you could go pick up the things on my list for me?" Misato requested.

"Yeah, sure thing." Sora replied then walked over to her to grab the small parcel of paper she was holding her hand for him. She then told him the directions of where to go and Sora ran upstairs to quickly change in to some normal clothes, and then was off. Once he was out of the house and out of sight he cringed a little and rolled his arm a bit, he hadn't shown it but he had hurt it from some of the crap the other guys at the school were giving him. It wasn't bad, but it was definitely sore; but Sora didn't want to show it in front of anyone.

Sora quietly walked along the streets of the town, taking in the sights carefully and deliberately. His eyes wandered from place to place and person to person. At the quick glance the town and the people in it all seemed so very normal and ordinary; you'd never think there was anything extraordinary about it. People had jobs and lives and went on with the everyday aspects of life. It was kind of funny to Sora, and yet made so much sense. Animes and mangas all painted people like ninjas as being all serious all the time and cool. Always training with swords and fighting each other or demons or other adventurous and epic things like that. However the real life ones were still people and had real lives to live.

Of course, Sora didn't know it but he stuck out like a sore thumb. The way he walked and carried himself really gave it away, he was an outsider. Someone who wasn't supposed to be there; luckily no one said anything about it. Aunt Misato didn't make it sound like what she needed was too urgent, so Sora took some time to just kind of get lost and explore the new town a bit. So this was it. This was his parents' hometown, his secret ninja parents. That was something else that Sora found funny. He started to think back to his parents, remembering them well. His dad had been hard working, crafty, paternal, yet sometimes a little goofy. Not exactly what you'd picture when thinking of a ninja. His mom was a natural cook, smart, motherly, caring, yet sometimes strict. Again, not really the ninja image.

Eventually Sora made his way to the supermarket for his aunt; he didn't want to keep her waiting for too long so he decided it was probably in his best interest to run back to the house once he had bought everything on the list. He grabbed one of the small plastic baskets and began to go up and down the aisles, grabbing what he needed from the list. He noticed that there was the normal variety of foods you would find at any other grocery store. "I was half expecting it to be nothing but ramen, heh." He said to himself, joking a little bit.

Sora looked down at the small paper list in his hand, looking for any items that he missed. 'Okay, it looks like all I'm missing is….basil, and….an extra large can of dumpling mix.' Sora thought to himself. He looked around for a while and couldn't find either of the last two things he needed.

"Damn, where are those." Sora said to himself then looked up and smiled when he saw the can of mix he needed at on one of the very top shelves on one of the aisles. He quickly walked over to the edge of the shelf and started to reach up for the canned object. He started to stand up on his toes and reached his fingers out to it, it was just out of reach. C'mon, just a little more! It was then that another hand entered Sora's sight and he quickly looked over to see a young beautiful girl looking at him. The two of them looked at each other for a moment. "Oh umm, hi there." Sora said then cried out as his finger brushed across the edge of the can, causing it to move up and fall down hitting him right on top of his head.

Sora fell to the ground and groaned in a low voice as he gripped his head, feeling it throb repeatedly. "That…hurt." He said.

"Are you okay?" The girl asked, she kneeled down near him on her hands and knees, looking over him with a concerned look on her face. Sora looked up to see the girl and noticed that she was really pretty. She had deep dark eyes and dark black shimmery hair. She wore a dull blue sailor school uniform.

"Umm, well I just had a big can hit me on the head…" Sora told her as he slowly sat up and rubbed his head a bit more, wincing a little bit. "On the other hand I finally found that can, so it's kind of a fifty fifty kind of thing."

The girl giggled a little bit and smiled, "I see, well that's a good way to look at it." She said then helped him up to his feet, "But you know, I need that too."

Sora walked over to where the can had rolled and picked it up to examine it to see if it had gotten any dents, dings, or had broken. He then looked up at the girl and held it out to her. "Here, it's yours." He told her, he had also noticed there was one more on the top shelf.

"Oh! Well thank you very much! Hey, let me help you with that." The girl said happily then watched as the boy tried to reach for another of the cans. She walked over and jumped up about two feet and grabbed it before landing back on the ground.

Sora blushed when he saw the girl jump right in front of him; she might not have noticed it but it had made her skirt go right up and flashed her panties him. Sora then smiled a little when she held it out to her. "Thank you." He replied and took the can and put it in to the basket. "Great, now if I could just find that basil then I'll be done."

"Getting lost hm? Would you like a little help looking?" The girl asked while she smiled.

"That'd be great. Thank you a lot, I don't want to trouble you though…..oh I don't even know your name. My name is Sora." Sora said, he was surprised to just randomly meet such a nice and pretty girl there at the supermarket.

"Don't worry about it! I come here a lot so it's no trouble. And my name is Hitomi, it's nice to meet you, Sora." Hitomi told him, and with that the two of them started to walk through the aisles together. "So you're having trouble finding things? I guess you don't do the grocery shopping in your family much?" She asked, trying to make conversation.

"Well it's not that really, I actually have had to do it quite a few times in the past when my parents were busy. I've just never been here before." Sora explained.

"Oh what? Are you new to town or something?" Hitomi asked sarcastically and snickered a little.

"Actually yeah, me and my brother just arrived yesterday." Sora told her, not really thinking much of it.

Hitomi laughed a bit and looked at the boy and said, "Haha, that's funny." She then paused when she looked at his face and noticed he didn't look like he was making it up. "Wait….are you serious?"

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?" Sora asked, he then remembered what Uncle had said about this town being very 'exclusive'.

"No way! I've never met anyone from outside of the town before!" Hitomi said excitedly, staring at Sora with big eyes. "You've gotta tell me about it sometime. Are you going to school here? You're going to mine, right?"

"Oh well umm…" Sora paused and noticed that her school uniform was different from the ones Asuna and the other girls wore. "I actually didn't even know there were two different schools here. But the girls at the school I went to today were wearing a different design than yours. Theirs were blue and white."

Hitomi's big cheerful smile then turned to a dull frown as she stared at him with uncaring eyes, "Oh I see….you're with them. How disappointing."

"Huh? What are you talking about? What do you mean them? I may not go to your school but I don't see why that's so important. Did I say something to upset you? If so then I'm sorry." Sora questioned curiously.

"Oh c'mon, like you don't know." Hitomi replied, she didn't know just how very little Sora knew about her town.

"I wouldn't have asked if I knew." Sora said simply with a shrug.

"Wow, you really aren't from around here." Hitomi said with a small smirk on her face. "Let's just say that the two schools are big time rivals. Trust me, you'll find out eventually. I don't know why you picked to go to their side with those uptights but you'd have way more fun if you transferred to our side." Hitomi commented and then smiled a little.

"Umm….okay." Sora replied, he had no idea what she was going on about. He had heard about sports teams from different schools having rivalries but this girl seemed to take it really seriously. Maybe she was a really active in the school sports like Sakura. "So, is that your way of saying your school is the party school?"

Hitomi laughed a little bit and with a grin said, "Umm, something like that. Well one of my friends is probably the most party loving girl in the world, so…I guess she does make our school a partying one. Hehe. Like I said, since you're new to town you should totally transfer to our school."

Meanwhile Asuna was hurrying down the street towards the store. Misato had forgotten to put an important ingredient of the dinner she was making that night on the list she had given to Sora. So she had sent Asuna to go after him and tell him. "Geez, I don't get why I was the one who had to go do this." Asuna said to herself then stopped in her tracks when she noticed Sora walking out of the store. More importantly she was walking with someone. Wait a second, what was he doing with HER!? Asuna stared Sora down and yelled out, "Hey you jerk! Why are you with that girl?!"

Sora looked up and asked, "Huh? What's Asuna doing here?"

"Huh? You know her?" Hitomi asked with a frown. When Sora nodded she smirked a little and looked over to Asuna. She crossed her arms over her chest and said, "Well now, isn't this interesting. Asuna, why do you care that this guy is around me? Don't tell me he's your boyfriend."

"What? Of course not! He's just someone who lives in the same apartment. And I don't care! I don't care at all." Asuna declared angrily.

"I see, well in that case I suppose it's none of your business why we're together." Hitomi said with a grin and linked her arm with Sora's, just to get under Asuna's skin a bit.

"Umm, I get the feeling there is a bit of history between the two of you. Either of you want to fill me in before I get caught in to something?" Sora asked. He was a little worried since he had seen Asuna's temper before and Hitomi seemed to be trying to push her buttons; although Sora wasn't sure why she was getting mad in the first place.

Hitomi looked over at Sora with a smile and said, "Oh don't worry about it darling. Asuna here has always been jealous of me on account that I'm such a better kunoichi than she is."

'Oh geez, this isn't going to turn out well.' Sora thought to himself and then started to slowly move to the side to get out of the way.

"What did you say? You must have lost your mind Hitomi! I can take you on anytime and anyplace." Asuna declared proudly. She then pulled out her ninja sword, apparently out of nowhere.

'Wow, where was she keeping that thing?' Sora thought silently.

Hitomi saw this and sighed a little with a shrug, shaking her head a bit. "You just never will learn, will you? I'm out of your league! But if you insist then I will gladly beat you down right here!" Hitomi declared and then pulled out a kusari-gama, a chain weapon with a small scythe like blade on one end and a weight on the other end. Hitomi held the scythe part and started to swing the chain vertically at her side.

'Okay someone really needs to teach me that pulling weapons out of thin air trick. It's pretty cool.' Sora thought to himself then shook his head quickly from side to side. "What am I thinking? I should do something." He said but before he could move the two girls ran at one another, about to fight in the street.

"Well, I hope Aunt Misato can wait for a bit. Looks like we won't be returning for a while." Sora said.

That's all for this chapter. Jeez, I had some major writer's block and kept getting distracted. Not a good combination. Not quite as exciting as the first two chapters but we'll now be getting in to the girls' rival school next time!