Hiyas! This is my first ballet poem, please enjoy and review! Sorry for those who might feel offended.

Life in Swan Lake

To twirl and glissade in the world of ballet.

That comes with pure love and none to hate.

It's every little girl's dream to make,

So rare for anyone to show with anime.


Bonjour my love, my charming prince.

You broke my heart with an artificial piece.

Many modern styles I can learn for free,

But to arabesque, it comes with a fee.


This world belongs to the prestigious rich.

We who can barely pay much, are thrown into a pit.

Unless you pass the difficult audition to reach,

A series of trials that no one can cheat.


To join a ballet club, you are really lucky!

But the lessons will soon come into a folly.

For every child's mind that this is child's play.

I'm sorry to say that the game is a price to pay.


All our dreams will soon come to an end.

To dance with a prince, to the rich you exist.

No way after thirty, your feet can bend.

Cause many beautiful things will untimely diminish.

Author's Note: BTW, do you know I used to dance in ballet? Sorry that it can be degrading, but some of it is the truth.