This time, it's not much about ballet. But they're mentioned as is.

Arabesque in the Sky

What belongs to my heart?

Am I fit for ballet?

How can I fly while my feet are stood on the ground?

So many questions yet I was given no answer.

And stars always say that I must remain on the earth.


Today, I live in purgatory.

Gladly helping the earth and watching heaven in bliss.

I've visited paradise in three days, neutrally satisfied.

I know I can't do an arabesque in the sky,

But what does it take, for me to fly?


I have to pick one that chooses my fate.

Up in heaven, where I clumsily dance to entertain

On earth where I cure and take gold to gain

Or venture into the underworld where I will fight the creatures of pain?

Three choices, sad fates, but I must prevail!