One of the things why I like ballet, is because of the great recitals they show. A very positive thing, de facto. And, this is also where I get some of my inspiration. Ballet is really a graceful dance.

Disclaimer: I don't own the title, as I got it from a ballet recital of the same name. "Beauty from Ashes" belong to Acts Manila.

Beauty from Ashes

The streets are dark from dusk 'til dawn.

The blackened ashes spread out through all.

The people look up on the sky of crimson red,

They still remain out in the dust for they thought it's the end.


A dancing flame leaps up from the spark of the ashes,

Then the Lord our God rewards him with a beauty within talents.

And the flame transforms into Beauty and Grace,

Turning loss and sorrow into hope and faith.


The clouds and the sun's rays are performing pirouettes.

The voice of God flows out of the river of grace.

The dances of joy are such of God creating happiness!

And the sands of time dance beautifully within its pace.

Post A/N: It still remains as a ballet poem, since this one's inspired by it. Read, enjoy, and review! :D