Bored outta my mind once more,

Can't think of things I long for,

Tending to be nature and whatnot,

But now; so bored that I forgot!

It's annoying how this happens, so many times,

Something like the feeling of squirting into your eyes limes,

Well, maybe that's more like pain,

But I don't wanna feel pain again!

It's so tiring, lazing day in and out,

I can't do my work, or up and about,

My mind is absent-minded so often now,

I've broken my 'concentration' vow!

Staring out the window makes my eyes blind with light,

But staring at the sky in the night? I'll feel fright!

Closing my eyes and a-dreaming,

It feels bliss to be near a river streaming,

But open my eyes and hear the sounds of my world,

I feel like taking myself out for a hurl,

It's really quite lame here in this place,

Boredom constantly throwing itself in my face,

Now that? I consider it very rude!

But when I get mad, I get screwed...

-sigh- Nothing to do here!

Let me get my jet to fly far from near!

Though my family wonders where I'll go...

And when they know, they'll just say 'no!'

Nn, it's so annoying and lame here,

Boredom constantly stalking me near!