Excerpt 12

Did I say Nathaniel was a scumbag? Well, he's worse than that. He's something that defies description. I can't understand how any man can do such a horrendous thing to his own children. Now he is torturing Abigail. Yeah, yeah, tone down the drama, Dillon, but he's messing with the woman I love, so of course I go into "white knight" mode. My first call was to Kaden. He's in construction so he might know something about security cameras. Then I called Jeff. His house would be a good base of operations. I called the girls and got them into the rotation as well. We are going to catch this guy and this time we will have photographic evidence. I'm sure glad I kept all of my photography equipment from college. It's gonna come in handy.

We got him! The guy is a weasel. He even looks like one. It was dark when he came to Abigail's house and he was, of course, dressed in black, but I was able to see his face and he looked like a weasel. Thick headed on top down to a non-existent chin. He also had the beady eyes and pointy nose. He was also very good at dodging the security cameras Kaden and I had put up. I was amazed he even knew they were there. We picked out very unobtrusive cameras.

I sat at the police precinct for over an hour waiting to speak to one of the officers in charge of Abigail's case. I knew I was going to be late forwork so I made a quick call to let Emily know. I wanted to speak with Jenko, but Hansen saw me when he came through the door.

"Hey, your that guy. That lady's boyfriend," he said while approaching me.

I stood. "Dillon Latrell. I'm Abigail's employee and friend. We do not have a romantic relationship."

He gave me a look that that clearly said he didn't believe me. I couldn't really blame him for thinking otherwise. Abigail might not have noticed, but I'm sure even Jimmy in the mailroom knew how I felt about her. I guess I'm more transparent than I would like.

"I'm here with some evidence." I handed him the Manila envelope containing the pictures I took. He opened it to take a look. I continued, "That man has been vandalizing Abigail's property for the last six weeks. Mostly little things to mess with her head. We think Nathaniel hired him, but don't have any proof of that, but it makes sense considering the trial is next week. Will you and Officer Jenko look into it?"

"Sure will Mr. Latrell." He didn't look up from the pictures and for some reason the tone of his voice rankled me. "Question: were these taken with a digital camera?"

"No, I've got the negatives."

"We'll need those," he said as he put the photographs back in the envelope.

"Why?" I asked. I really wanted to know. I thought the pictures would be enough.

"In this technological age we have to make sure these pictures aren't fake."

I don't know why, but something didn't feel right. I know the guy is a jerk, but this was something else. My gut told me I needed to make a copy of those negatives.

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