The wind pushes a crumbled up piece of paper along the streets. Its motion growing increasingly until it comes to a sudden halt because it has begun to rain and the droplets of water are falling upon the crumbled piece of paper.

The water slowly changing its form until the paper begins to flatten out ever so slowly. This happens until it reaches the point where the once crumbled up piece of paper is now an unrecognizable fragment laying drenched, and ruined on the street.

That fragment may very well be nothing now but in its beginning it was part of a living, breathing organism that flourished beautifully in the wild thickets of a small countryside. When droplets of rain fell, it only became even more beautiful, full of life as it stretched and grew and yet never reached its full potential because its life was suddenly cut short.

Cut down, chopped up, and sent off to a warehouse to be processed into a flyer announcing this week's special advertisement for a local market where it ultimately ended up at someone's doorstep. The person who now held this paper never even considering that the inked up pages was once a beautiful living, breathing being.
Never once thinking that as he crumbled up the pages and threw it behind him on to the street that he was contributing to its untimely and disgraceful decline.

Sometimes in life we come across objects, living things, people, never really knowing their struggles, or the potential they have on the inside to be beautiful, to change our lives for the better, and instead end up like the crumbled up piece of paper; fading into nothing.