When you look at me what do you see?

Tell me!

You think you can see right thru me,

But I go deeper than the sea.

You've barely scratched the surface.

Don't look at me as something worthless.

So maybe I'm not beautiful,

Maybe I'll never be a size three,

But there's so much more to me than they ever took the time to see.

I might not ever be someone's number one,

But I can shine just as bright as the sun.

But maybe this paper thin heart is done.

It's a battle I clearly haven't won.

When once there was laughter now this is no fun.

Take a deep breath,

Pray to Jah above cuz faith is all I got left.

Let him lead me to a path of happiness,

Let him direct the shaky steps I take.

He continues to be the reason I wake.

So look at me now,

And tell meā€¦just what do you see?