Name: Marigold Barnum

School: Westland High School

Grade: Sophomore

Class: Advanced English

Teacher: Mr. Warple

1. What color are your socks?

I'm not wearing any.

2. Which is better, numbers 2 or 3? Why?

Decisions, decisions…I'd have to say 2. A pair is simple, clean-cut, well-ordered. It's aesthetically pleasing. As humans, we're attractive because we have two eyes, two ears, two arms, legs, etc. Symmetry is beauty, and you can't achieve symmetry with three.

3. Are you male or female? With which do you identify?

Female. Is this your way of being a teacher who's "out-there?" A teacher that embraces the weirdoes and oddballs as well as the stiflingly normal? You forgot something: what if a person identifies with both, what then? I don't see that listed above. Not that I do—identify with both—or at least I don't think I do. But still. And don't list it as "other," by the way. Vague, polite, and extremely offensive.

4. Is silence acceptance?

You bet your bottom dollar, Mr. Warple. As you've probably already gathered, I never stay silent when something bothers me. I say it like it is, speak the truth, and if people don't like that, well…it's simply a reflection of who they are. Ex: You're a dangerous gunman pursuing a pair of victims. Out of breath, the victims stop on the outskirts of a field, and stare beseechingly at you. "Please leave us," says the woman. You aim your assault rifle at her, poised to shoot, and the man says nothing. Well, you think, he certainly isn't making an effort to protect his friend—guess I'll go ahead with it. You shoot. (see what I mean?)

5. What is your strangest habit?

I don't screw the lids back onto anything. It drives my parents to the brink of insanity, and as badly as I feel about it, I always forget when I'm putting the bottle/jar back. The funny thing about habits is that you sink into them so quickly and easily, and sometimes they drive everyone around you crazy—but you're always only 21 days from stopping the habit completely. That's how long it takes. However, my uncle is a smoker. He would disagree.

6. Do you like the rain?

Do I enjoy getting soaked to the skin, losing one shoe to the wrath of a mud puddle, and catching pneumonia two days before a French final? No. But do I like watching the strings of teardrops fall to earth, glistening softly, washing the world of its filth? Absolutely.

7. Do you prefer morning or night?

I'm a night owl all the way.

8. Look in the mirror; what is your best feature? Why?

My eyes. They're brown and have this cool feline slant to them. I suppose I like them because no one else has eyes like these…and what would we do without eyes to see with, anyway?

9. Is handwriting a lost art?

Ironic, since you handwrote these questions…no. I know that no one else bothers with cursive anymore, but it's beautiful and sentimental and typed words just don't hold the same emotion. I don't want writing to become just another mechanic process. There's too many of those, already.

10. Are you observant?

Are you?

Notes/ Further comments:

-Spark Writer-